The Difference a City Makes
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The Difference a City Makes
Foster City is the perfect size and “makeup” to provide a sense of security, sustainability and support. I hear from residents all the time about how their neighbors, whom they hardly knew, came to their aid over the years being residents here. I have known first hand how this works over the 31 years I’ve lived here.

I’m very excited about the Sustainability Task Force we have formed and our meeting this month. We are all going to have to join forces to keep our City viable, green and healthy for the future of ourselves and our children. Even if you are not a member of this task force you can still attend the meetings with your input, however you just cannot vote. I have a lot to learn about carbon footprints, solar and all the new technology surrounding sustainability. We have many experts within our City limits and of course we will entertain thoughts from others as well.

Technology is necessary but we really do need that human interaction. Never has it been so apparent than these last two weeks since suffering a stroke. An errant blood clot decided to break loose and travel to my brain. It has been a turbulent time and caused some anxiety as I try to process this blip on my path of life. I keep thinking God is using me for a greater good to possibly promote awareness. I’m taking it easy this month as I recount how lucky I was before I look for some normalcy to return.

As many have reminded me that I was never really “normal” to begin with so this may be a long journey.

I have the City of Foster City, my fellow council members, my Rotary family, my friends, sister, my sons, my grandson Lucas and his mommy, Julie. What a bonus that my daughter- in-law is a cardiovascular ICU nurse and able to translate what the doctors try to tell me. You never know who will show up when you need some help, especially those that have taken me for a walk. I don’t need a leash or plastic bags so I have a lot of “walkers”.

Life is just so full of surprises. Sometimes they are happy ones and sometimes not…… is how we handle whatever comes our way that (for me) determines how much we trust ourselves and our universe. Having faith that whatever it is that is happening to me is not up for discussion!!!!

I believe we all have a path while we are visiting this human experience called life and I believe when the student is ready the teacher appears. Listening quietly and intently is the challenge when life just continues to buzz around you.

My confidence has been shaken. However the cards (I heard from council members from just about every San Mateo County city and their city manager) and flowers (from MY very special friend and congresswoman) and emails have been overwhelming. One morning I awoke in the hospital surrounded by so many flowers I thought for a moment I hadn’t survived!!! My thanks to all who thought of me and prayed for my strength to return…….I’m on the mend, folks, and gearing up for what’s next!!!! While this is very unsettling to me I try to remain strong and positive!!!

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July 16, 2008
The Difference a City Makes

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