The City's Responsibility
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The City's Responsibility
Foster City has taken responsibility for who they are for over thirty years and we are not planning on stopping the practice at any time. I’m going to address here the comments from emails I have received and the literature being hung on doors in our City.

The Mirabella Project is being built on public land which means we own it and we will charge rent. The rent that we will receive for the Mirabella and surrounding retail will bring in almost 2.5 million dollars a year for 99 years. The reason, I feel, I can justify the height (even though we have not even voted on it yet) is because higher instead of wider means more land in the Plaza for the residents of Foster City to enjoy a farmers market, restaurants, art, and community events. It is a fiscally responsible answer to generate new income to support city services.

Now the one that “gets” me the most is the email from the resident claiming (after reading these flyers) that our fire department will be saving the older people in the high rise before us and he had been here 30+ years. I would not want to ask the fire department to make a priority list and keep it by the doors when the firefighters go out to suggest whoever has been here the longest should be rescued first.

These flyers are insinuating that our fire equipment will only reach the fourth floor so everyone above that is doomed in an emergency and isn’t that horrible of us to subject these “wealthy seniors” to such treatment. Let me tell you here and now that our City has codes (in case no one has heard of those) that dictate how buildings are built these days and, trust me, they are being built with safety first. It is our fire department’s responsibility to make sure all procedures are followed to the letter. You, as a caring resident, can cross that off your list of what to worry about or get other people to worry about this week!!!

Let us work on one project at a time and yes………there are issues still to work out. Traffic and density maybe on the Mirabella project but I’m pretty sure the over 62 folks will not impact our schools to be overcrowded. Seniors’ hours are more flexible so impacting commute traffic isn’t realistic.

Please try to separate each development and please try to be realistic as to what you need to concern yourself with.

Ask how you can help with the problems instead of playing Henny Penny and shouting that the sky is falling!!! You make our job so much more difficult. We want what you want…….retain the beauty of Foster City but continue to not hide our heads in the sand about change. We will still be the same but soon we will share our City with other lucky people who might move in……we are not exclusive……we need to share our wealth and embrace new residents, new businesses and new ideas.

Contact me with your comments.

Council Corner

September 10, 2008
The City's Responsibility

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