Sustainable Foster City
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Sustainable Foster City
I have found in talking with residents in all cities that they are truly committed to efforts to go green.

In Foster City we have our Environmental Sustainability Task Force appointed by our City Council. I am the liaison for this committee and am trying to "keep up" with all the information out there. It is overwhelming to go on websites to follow all the new technology to assist all of us. For the convenience of our residents we are in the process of updating our website with links to resources specifically available and useful to those living in Foster City.

The job of our leaders...Frank Niccoli our chairperson and Sally Liu our co-chair…is to keep us on track with small ways to help and city-wide areas that we can address. Our next step will be education for our residents who are not only in homes but apartments, in Homeowner Associations and our business community. Especially important is information on our tiered water rates scheduled to begin July 1, 2010 and the impact these new rates will have on all of us.

I missed our last Environmental Sustainability Task Force meeting but two organizations presented their plans for how to do outreach to their communities. San Mateo Acting Responsible Together SMART had some great suggestions on how to improve the sustainability behavior of residents with the challenges we all face. There is even a carbon reduction diet you can go on!!! This committee is now prioritizing our recommendations on how to reach our community and will be presenting these soon.

One of our thoughts was to ban plastic bags and Styrofoam containers...of course at that meeting was a representative from the restaurant community. Also what about all of the other plastic bags in our lives, like the bags our newspapers come in on rainy days on our driveways? The point is banning something affects more areas than we think.

A teacher friend of my sons committed to one year of not using one paper or plastic cup. Sounds simple but it was a challenge especially at fast food places, work, etc. but he did it and still tries to continue the behavior. One Task Force member suggested what she does....bring Tupperware when you go out to dinner for the leftovers!!!

Our staff at Foster City is attempting to replace plastic water bottles with more friendly reusable water bottles but as everyone knows.....change is sometimes inconvenient.

Are there ideas you have that you want to share or recommendations??? I'm at

Council Corner

August 26, 2009
Sustainable Foster City

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