Sustainability and Transportation
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Sustainability and Transportation
One of the many things I respect and admire about our City is the desire of its leaders to take a proactive approach regarding future requirements in the form of both mandates from the County, State, or Federal level as well as city originated issues. This proactive stance has provided foresight and has kept our City in a “prepared position” to make informed decisions.

There are several California legislative initiatives focused on sustainability issues that have requirements that our City must address.
These initiatives include AB32-The California Global Warming Solutions Act, AB1881-The Water Conservation and Land Use Act, AB939/AB1016-The Integrated Waste Management Act, and SB375-The Transportation and Land Use Planning Act.

To address these issues, the Council initiated the Ad Hoc Transportation Committee and the Ad Hoc Environmental Sustainability Task Force.

The Ad Hoc Transportation Committee is made up of 8 Foster City residents who are also volunteering their time on other advisory committees and performing double duty. The committee’s goals are to address accessibility, convenience, sustainability, and traffic congestion reduction.

The Ad Hoc Environmental Sustainability Task Force is made up of 11 concerned Foster City citizens who volunteered many personal hours to the goals of the committee. The committee’s goals include identifying requirements mandated by the legislative initiatives already mentioned and making recommendations to attain those requirements as part of a recommended Sustainability Action Plan.

At the February 17th City Council meeting, the Ad Hoc Transportation Committee presented their report outlining recommendations addressing the transportation issues affecting Foster City along with some regional issues. The recommendations focused on public transit solutions including both intra-city and inter-city transit services.

At the February 23rd Special City Council meeting, the Environmental Sustainability Task Force presented their Report and Recommendations. The report outlined a Community-Wide Environmental Sustainability Action Plan that included recommendations in 4 general areas. The next step is to evolve each of the recommendations of the report with details and resource requirements.

I would first like to acknowledge each of the 19 volunteers for their devotion to the City and its future success in addressing these community issues. I would also like to acknowledge the guest speakers who offered their expertise to each of the committees. It should also be noted that many individuals from the City staff provide required support and guidance to the Committees.

You can review the recommendations of each of the reports at the following web site locations:

Ad Hoc Transportation Committee – Report and Recommendations

Ad Hoc Environmental Sustainability Task Force Recommended Sustainability Action Plan

I would appreciate your comments on this and other issues by emailing me at

Council Corner

March 11, 2009
Sustainability and Transportation

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