Spring has Definitely Sprung
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Spring has Definitely Sprung

I can’t help but notice that the residents of Foster City are out and about cleaning up and sprucing up their properties. Everyone seems to be hard at work weeding, planting and generally improving the “look” of their homes, condos and apartments. You can’t help but smile when you see flowers and the way they make you feel.

Of course our beautiful City and its staff have been and continue to make all of us smile as we pass their handiwork on medians, roadways and of course the incredible Recreation Center. The roses in front of the library, in front of the Recreation Center front door and along Shell Blvd and Hillsdale are awesome. Of course I’m still in awe of the landscaping of Leo Ryan Park (just wish my lawn looked the same). Our Parks Department has the most loyal and talented group of people. Of course when you are led by a loyal and talented man by the name of Kevin Miller…. everything just falls into place seemingly effortlessly.

I am also part of that group of residents trying to spruce up my property and as I trot off to Home Depot or Orchard Supply for plants and supplies I am struck by how many folks cannot physically shop, carry home or plant. I helped a woman a couple of weeks ago who just could not be successful with these chores. She was ever so grateful when my friend, Brent, and I pulled weeds and planted some flowers. She now loves being outside watering and enjoying the sunshine.

Is there someone in your neighborhood that could use a little help? Do you need a little help? I would encourage anyone with a little extra time or space in their trunk to shop for and deliver to those who cannot complete this chore themselves. Or if you cannot, then please call me and I will do my best to either do it myself or find some Rotarians to lend a helping hand (or green thumb).

Our City is known for our neighbors helping each other……let me know if someone you know helps others because I love to hear great things about how Foster City residents make someone else’s life (and garden) a little brighter.
We are all in this life together so let’s make it as pleasant for ourselves and others as possible. Contact me at pfrisella@fostercity.org.

Council Corner

May 24, 2006
Spring has Definitely Sprung

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