Season of Sharing
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Season of Sharing
This is the time of year when I remind myself that the last two months of the year is a time when people reflect on the past year and indulge themselves with the festiveness of the Holiday season. The holidays occurring during the last two months of the year are the most observed and are by far the most popular.

It is also a time filled with parties and friendly get-togethers and of exchanging gifts to show we care. Families manage to congregate in a common location for their annual get-togethers. We offer gifts to co-workers, hairdressers, barbers, and others who we wish to show our appreciation for the positive effect they have in our daily lives. We make those phone calls to family and friends that were put off during other times of the year. It is also a time when New Year’s resolutions are made but seldom kept, a time for new beginnings and looking forward to the challenges of tomorrow.

The season of well-wishing, giving, and togetherness comes at a time when darkness exceeds daylight, skies are overcast sometimes treating us to falling raindrops, and temperatures drop to levels where our breath becomes visible. We find ourselves breaking out the clothing that was tucked away almost a year ago. We find ourselves reaching for those sweaters, thicker jackets, gloves, and scarves. We find ourselves indulging in more indoor activities such as watching seasonal parades or championship sporting events. We find ourselves decorating our homes both inside and out. A drive around the city to view the homes decorated with artistic lighting is well worth the effort. It takes little imagination to appreciate the amount of effort that went into decorating those homes.

At our City’s recent Tree Lighting Ceremony, I observed children anxiously awaiting the arrival of the “Big Guy” with the red suit and white beard. And when the “Big Guy” finally arrived, I watched these children’s eyes grow to the size of saucers with one focus in mind while ignoring direction from the taller people around them – their parents. Observing the excitement in their little faces was heart warming and put a smile on my face.

Volunteerism increases during this time of year with food collection and delivery. You can find volunteers visiting the sick and elderly bringing some much needed cheer into their lives. You can find firefighters collecting toys for distribution to those most in need. You find children making handmade holiday cards and delivering them to the senior citizen communities.

As we continue to experience very difficult economic times, people still manage to take the time and effort to extend greetings of the season. This is the time of the year when no matter what circumstance we find ourselves, people seem to reach inside themselves to see the best of things. Perhaps it is something about the “holiday season” that gives people a sense of happiness and goodwill toward others or the hope of new beginnings as the New Year approaches. We seem to rekindle family bonds through current pictures of the families, stories of the children and telephone conversations that were placed on the “back burner” during the rest of the year.

Wishing others the best of the holidays takes very little effort yet says a great deal especially to those in a less fortunate circumstance. And if by doing so someone’s spirits are uplifted by receiving a greeting, we are all better off as a result. I would like to think that taking the time to express that appreciation to others is part of the fabric of the human spirit. Another part of the human spirit is to help others who are less fortunate especially at this time of year. I take that special look at those less fortunate and find myself offering what I can to brightening their lives.

Then all too soon the holiday season is over and we find ourselves back in the normal daily routines of our lives. I continue to believe that it would be a much better world if everyone kept the spirit of happiness and giving alive throughout the year.

I want to take this opportunity to wish all of you a happy and safe holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

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December 15, 2010
Season of Sharing

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