Quality of Life (Q of L)
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Quality of Life (Q of L)

A Sustainable Foster City. We’ve all heard that phrase and it will be heard as the City’s marching orders for the next several years. It is designed to protect and grow the economic resources in Foster City, to protect its natural resources, and to allow the community to pursue and enhance its Quality of Life.

How many times have you heard that term and wondered, “What does Quality of Life really mean?” I know that we use that term here in Foster City quite often.

Wikipedia, the source of all knowledge (next to Siri, of course) defines Q of L as the “general well-being of individuals and societies. Q of L should not be confused with the concept of standard of living, which is based primarily on income. Instead, standard indicators of the Q of L include not only wealth and employment, but also environment, physical and mental health, education, recreation leisure time and a feeling of social belonging.”

Here in Foster City, Q of L is also measured in different ways by different segments of our residents. Factors such as age, ethnicity, gender and lifestyle all define Q of L with specific markers.

The most obvious or visible marker of Q of L here in Foster City is our beautiful park system, unequalled anywhere in the country. I attended one of Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Miller’s employee retreats recently and was rewarded to see a group of enthusiastic, committed and compassionate individuals. It’s no wonder our parks and recreation programs are so good. It’s the people!

The attitude continues throughout all city employees. They want to make this city the best city possible. The Q of L they offer makes life great.

Of course, I’ve met a few residents whose only concern about Q of L was that their lights went on or their toilets flushed properly. Welcome to the world of our Public Works Department! Public Works adds immensely to our fabric of Q of L by making that sure your toilets flush, that the street lights go on and that you have brand new, environmentally efficient, LED street lights.

Our folks in Community Development (Planning and Building) also want you to enjoy Q of L by applying building codes and zoning laws fairly and properly so you will always have a beautiful well architected city.

Finally, I come to our unsung and unseen heroes, our Public Safety Officers. Similar to your auto or fire insurance, you hope to never use it but it sure is nice to know it’s there when you need it. This is our Public Safety Officers. Knowing you have first rate fire or emergency medical personnel within minutes of your call, or that you can walk the streets at night with the comfort knowing that your police officers are there when you need them.

An excellent example of the “good feeling” is illustrated by an award recently attained by Foster City. It’s an award presented by Location, Inc., creators of the neighborhood research site, Neighborhood Scout. We were notified by them that of all of the thousands of cities, towns and villages with 25,000 or more population in America, Foster City has achieved the ranking of 81st safest city in America.

The award describes their methodology for determining rankings based on FBI/UCR crime statistics from over 17,000 municipalities. They state that this accomplishment not only reflects the efforts of a vigilant police force, but of a whole “community bonded in prideful citizenship.”

Forty Niners’ Coach Jim Harbaugh likes to call his team together in a huddle just before kickoff to motivate and excite his players. In the huddle he yells “who’s got it better than us?” and the team yells back in unison, “NOBODY!”

I submit to you my fellow residents of Foster City, “Who has it better than us?”

If you have any questions or comments about this article, please contact me at sokamoto@fostercity.org or call me at 286-3501.

Council Corner

March 13, 2013
Quality of Life (Q of L)

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