Pilgrim Triton Redevelopment
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Pilgrim Triton Redevelopment
This is my third Council Corner dedicated to our redevelopment projects. It is because these projects will have such a profound impact on our City for many years into the future that I believe resident input and participation in the process is an extremely important element of project success. On Monday, April 21, the City Council reached decisions on four actions regarding the Pilgrim/Triton redevelopment project.

The first action was the Certification of the Final Environmental Impact Report. By certifying the report, the Council accepted the report as containing all the information about the environmental consequences of proceeding with the project.

The second action was to amend the General Plan to include housing in addition to the existing commercial use in the redevelopment area.

The third action was to approve an Ordinance to Rezone the Pilgrim/Triton site to include a General Development Plan that includes the maximum parameters for the redevelopment site. These parameters provide for a maximum of 296,000 square feet of commercial/industrial use, a maximum of 730 residential units, and a one-acre park.

The fourth action was to accept the fact that there are significant environmental impacts related to the proposed redevelopment project and to adopt monitoring and reporting measures for the mitigation efforts.

After conducting five Study Sessions, the Planning Commission recommended to the City Council that the four actions be approved. After considering all available information including comments from residents, the City Council approved all four actions. By approving these actions, parameters have been established under which the project will be redeveloped.

Approval of these actions has provided a framework by which the owners/developers may proceed with the planning process. It is even possible that one or all of the property owners could decide, during the planning process, that the economic climate is less than desirable resulting in the project(s) being put on hold or even abandoned.

The next step will be a series of Study Sessions to be conducted by the Planning Commission where building architecture, height, shape, and the ultimate appearance of the buildings will be reviewed. Also, addressing the traffic issues will be taken into consideration. It is not known how many Study Sessions will be required and it is too early to hazard a guess, but each of the three property owners is expected to proceed at their own pace.

I would urge all those interested in the redevelopment projects in our City to attend the Planning Commission meetings or at the very least watch them on television.

My last Council Corner addressed the disaster preparedness exercise that occurred March 13. In my article, I acknowledged our Fire Department and CERT members for the role they played in the exercise. However, inadvertently, I neglected to acknowledge the fact that our Police Department participated in the event as well. Profuse apologies are offered, as members of our Police Department would play a vital role in the event of any disaster.

I would appreciate your comments on this and other issues by emailing me at akiesel@fostercity.org.

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April 30, 2008
Pilgrim Triton Redevelopment

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