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There are many partners that we will have in our lifetime..... there are spouses, business partners, partnerships with non-profits, shared partnerships with other cities for services and many others. However, my personal favorite is my golf cart partner - the faces may change but their purpose remains the same. The reason is that I not only love the game but when I am sitting next to my partner it means I am not in front of this stupid computer or yakking into a cell phone.

Several years ago I joined the Tuesday San Mateo Women's Golf Club at Poplar Creek. I have made many wonderful new friends as those that play golf can attest to. The shared interest of chasing the little white ball is only understood by those that choose to pay for the privilege (or torture) to get out on a golf course. In fact this year our president is a Foster City resident, Lily Hagan. She and I car-pooled our kids to St. Matthews over 20 years ago and she is one of the reasons I joined.

There are all levels and all ages, so skill isn't always the deciding factor on who wins our matches each week. These special women have been there for me and each other.....kind of in sickness and in health, death and divorce..... I consider them all to be my partners during this time of my life. We travel to other courses for tournaments or just for fun. The laughter mixed with a few expletives (of course none from any elected officials I know) makes for the times of our lives.

The City of San Mateo, especially Sheila Canzian as Director of Parks and Recreation, has done a great job of reorganization of this golf course. In these economic times there are fewer golfers on courses so the maintenance needs to be top notch. The new executive chef, Dan, was a great choice at the restaurant as the name has changed to Poplar Creek Grill. The grounds crew was in jeopardy last year when the city wanted to outsource work. I understand they will revisit that idea next year again. The new Head Pro, Dana Banke, has changed the "feel" of this course with the kind of personality and warmth it takes to bring many tournaments back to San Mateo.

You need someone to be present, available, mingle and also give great lessons. Dana's personality is the right fit with the golfers and their needs plus he is able to bring in business. There are many non-profits that hold golf tournaments, which is a significant way to raise money in these lean times. The Police Activities League that serves at risk youth in San Mateo, Foster City and surrounding areas have their tourney there in September and have a great respect for the course and it's management. If anyone is interested my email is below.

The fact that the witty and ever-charming Ron Devincenzi is there to greet you, tease you and send you to the first tee is a big plus. I hear his laugh long after I leave the pro shop. John Jurgens, aka “the Marshall” (who I think is more like John the Baptist) lingers by the water holes to chuckle when another of my golf balls takes the plunge to be baptized. I have to be nice to him though since he lives in Foster City!!!

The lawmakers in Sacramento are sitting around trying to make decisions on this budget when our City Council has kept a watchful eye through the year and beyond to make sure the essential and non-essential services are funded, or set aside to decide in the future. We have that luxury since we actually pay attention at our meetings and would still be at that table if we had not come up with a responsible budget and five-year plan for our future. It is summer and golf weather but they are still making tough decisions about all of our futures. My only decision is whether to use my 6 or 7 iron to hit that approach shot 140 yards.

I know I will hear from my one nemesis in Foster City that I should be writing about the important things that happen in Foster City and keep its residents informed....... well, I'm on vacation this week so I made the decision to ignore the comments.

Whatever way you may find to relax and enjoy your summer..... I wish you well. Our parks are certainly lush and beautiful and perfect for a picnic. Our levee and pedway welcomes you to skate, walk, ride or skip if you want to!!! Sometimes the remedy IS to enjoy your City and the free recreation available to you.

Any recommendations of courses to play and as usual, your comments about Foster City are welcomed at

Council Corner

July 22, 2009

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