Parks Make Life Better
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Parks Make Life Better

When the term "Quality of Life" is mentioned, your thoughts may conjure up a picture of great weather, safe streets, ample resources, etc., but when I hear that term, my mind automatically paints a picture of all of the wonderful parks here in town. We do not have much control over the weather but we can make sure our parks remain the best in the state. When T. Jack Foster first conceived of creating a town out of marshland, he wanted each resident to be within walking distance of a park or playground. So I asked the question of our Director of Parks and Recreation, Kevin Miller, how many parks do we have here in Foster City?

Well, let's see. The big ones that everyone knows about are Leo Ryan, Catamaran, Sea Cloud, Boothbay and Edgewater. But, have you ever heard of Little Leo, Killdeer, Turnstone or Pompano Parks?

If you counted all of the parks here in Foster City, from the largest to the smallest you would come up with 21. Yes, in our small four square mile city we have 21 parks! (And a couple more are in the contemplative stage!)

The City's website displays all the names of the parks and which amenities are available at each. From basketball to Bocce, from baseball to soccer, there is a park that will suit your needs.

But this begs the question, is that all the parks are good for?

I submit that our parks offer more than just athletic endeavors.

Of course, there are the physical needs that are met by our park system. You could run, kick, hit, slam dunk and jog at most of our parks. But two other needs are also satisfied by our incredible parks.

After satisfying our physical needs, parks also meet our social needs. Whether you are one of the dog owners that meet at the dog park or in the morning in some of the other parks that have off leash hours or a new mom meeting other moms at our clean and safe playgrounds, your parks satisfy your craving for interaction with other folks.

Parks also aid us in our quest for serenity. Have you ever sat on one of the park benches at Leo Ryan and just watched the water in our blue lagoons? Have you taken an early morning walk on our Pedway and watched the cars trying to navigate the San Mateo Bridge, smiling gratefully that you are not one of those commuters? Studies have shown that just sitting quietly at the park could lower your blood pressure…check out the theory.

I'd like to close with two events that are going to be held at our parks which would satisfy all three of your needs, physical, social and emotional.

First are our incredibly enjoyable Summer Concerts. You can dance to get your cardio going, visit with your friends and neighbors on the lawn or in a Duffy and satisfy your emotional needs by listening to the music provided by our wonderful entertainers.

The second event, in my mind, really satisfies those three needs. On the 24th and 25th of August the American Cancer Society will be holding its signature event, Relay for Life, here in Foster City. This is an overnight event on the meadow at Leo Ryan Park. Join a team and get your exercise by walking around the track as many times as you are able, meet your social needs as you join with caregivers, patients and survivors to listen to their stories about their heroic fight battling cancer, and your emotional needs are certainly met when you learn how monies raised by this event and hundreds of others throughout the nation will help eradicate the "BIG C"… cancer. And a cure will be found, thanks to your efforts.

Remember that July has been designated by your City Council as "Parks Make Life Better Month." Get out there and enjoy our wonderful Foster City parks!

If you would like to learn more about our parks or the Relay for Life, or should you have any questions or comments, please contact me at

Council Corner

July 31, 2013
Parks Make Life Better!

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