Our Pride
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Our Pride

I have been walking more in the last year and enjoying the scenery very much. I have observed the children playing at Boothbay and Port Royal Parks. Little League practices are in "full swing" and those soccer players just can't get enough grass time!!!

The levee is always in use, from bikers, strollers, rollerbladers and of course walkers. In fact sometimes it gets a little dangerous which is why the Park and Recreation Committee is sponsoring a safety day in April. The police department is lending us the equipment used to track mph and we are setting up on the levee so we can let some of those "racers" know they might be going too fast. The committee will hand out safety brochures and water.

I see so many different folks out and about in our city. We all don't look the same, speak the same language or believe the same things but there is one thing we all have in common.....our pride. Whether you live here, rent here, work here or just visit, everyone is struck by the fact that it is a beautiful city. Our city staff takes pride in how it maintains what we see above ground and what we do not see below ground. It is no accident we appear this way. It has been our tradition to hire the best and pay top dollar for them so they can keep us on track financially as well.

Our city council are the policy makers. We receive information from staff and input from residents, then we make the policy decision on what to fund and how to fund it. We have only had two city managers since 1977. We've been so lucky that Rick Wykoff and Jim Hardy, known to be prudent and pretty conservative, have lead the staff and advised the council members in making wise decisions.

I really encourage folks to watch our budget study sessions. You can find the dates on line so you know exactly why we make the decisions we make.

Especially important is the March 29th budget session where your water rates will be explained and discussed for the future. It is your responsibility to speak now or you know what!!! Our decisions are the result of the SFPUC's decisions of how much water we can have. After first addressing our Homeowners Associations, multi-family developments and business community, we will address our residents with information on the proposed water rates on March 9th at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers. Real savings will come from larger users but I truly believe we can all do better. Find out how by visiting our website and find out what our Environmental Sustainability Task Force is doing to get educational information to you.

If we don't find more revenue in the next few years we will be certainly looking at all ways to cutback. Nothing is safe, from the fireworks on 4th of July to the Art and Wine Festival. I love July 4th but did you know how much it costs this city to make it happen? I wouldn’t consider cancelling the daytime activities, but the evening fireworks is where the added cost comes in for our Fire, Police, Parks and Recreation and Public Works Department staff. How much do the Summer Concert Series cost us if we cannot secure the sponsors to pay for the bands? We do not charge for these things......should we??? Please stay involved with your city.

Also while I've been walking I have noticed many cracked utility covers in the sidewalk which are real hazards. I would like to save us from litigation so if you ever see something in this city that you think just isn't right, please don't just complain about it......email me your concerns. I reported three cracked covers and calls were made to those utility companies and they were replaced. There was a huge one in front of Arco that was not only dangerous but an eyesore. We need you to be the eyes and ears for us so we continue to look picture perfect!!

Foster City is a destination for folks......we are not on the El Camino so folks don't drive through us to get from one city to another. The people you see here want to be here and from talking to many many people, they are grateful to live here. Count me as one that is very grateful that I live in a city that cares about its appearance and its residents. Your health, safety and welfare is what all who work for this city strive for every single day.

Email not just your complaints to pfrisella@fostercity.org. If you do not have email, then call me at 349-7516.

Council Corner

March 03, 2010
Our Pride

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