Our Neighborhoods Our Values
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Our Neighborhoods Our Values

The Town Hall meeting on April 4th was well attended. I was happy to see the turnout and the support that the discussion of the Charter School drew. It makes me confident to know that there are so many “on board” to make this Charter School a reality.

Everyone, parents and committee members alike, seem to be working in partnership on details like getting the charter and finding alternative sites for a school should the 15 acre site be utilized differently.

I applaud those who support a revenue-generating scenario because I know you can see down the road that we need the revenue to maintain our infrastructure, our parks and the common use areas of our City.

I applaud City staff for continuing to give us options that aren’t just about money.

I applaud all the residents I have heard from, whether you have school age children, are retired, or are somewhere in between, for your support of moving Hillbarn Theatre to the 15 acre site and continuing our commitment to culture and art.

I applaud those that want senior and affordable housing to reside on this site because we all know there is a desperate shortage of housing and a great need for the current generation of young people to live near their parents.

I’ve searched the library lately looking for a book entitled “How To Make Everyone Happy in Four Short Years”. It just doesn’t seem to exist so I will continue to let my conscience be my guide. My values are what sustain and drive me so you need never doubt my motivation. After listening to all ideas I will make my ultimate decision on what I think is best for our last precious 15 acres of land.

Life in Foster City is not a spectator sport…..let me hear from you. I’m at pfrisella@fostercity.org.

Note….if you are on Medicare and haven’t made a decision on your prescription choice you may want to call Tom Weber at 349-8960. He will help you choose for a nominal fee of $12 because you will be penalized if you do not make a choice by May 1st.

Council Corner

April 19, 2006
Our Neighborhoods Our Values

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