Our City and Our Issues
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Our City and Our Issues
I’m very happy that the residents of Foster City feel they can come to their elected officials for “just about” any concern and get results. Of course the answer may be no, but I believe folks still go away feeling they were heard and the best effort was made to solve their concerns.

One of my jobs as a member of the City Council is to hear your issues and either direct them to the appropriate city employee or department for follow up or find the answers myself. This is one of the best assets we all have when we picked Foster City to reside in. Our employees respond quickly and efficiently with any information that is needed. For some residents it isn’t fast enough but we must remember there are many departments and procedures to go through to get correct information and that takes time.

Especially if the request involves a legal issue and counsel is needed. We must be very careful to follow procedures when a neighbor is not following codes and the proper documents have to served to them. I have followed a few of these requests this last year. They have been resolved and the residents have been satisfied with the results.

I am hopeful that all residents will voice their thoughts to me. When I hear someone complaining about an issue on their block or with the City and they haven’t brought it to anyone’s attention, I just don’t understand. Please don’t complain that the problem isn’t solved if no one knows about the problem. Our council has a positive history when residents ask for our help so please don’t hesitate to let us know if you are unhappy about something…….also if you ARE happy with something.

This job is important to me and I care about each one of you.
Vice Mayor Pam Frisella can be contacted by email at pfrisella@fostercity.org or telephone at 650-286-3505.

Council Corner

February 01, 2007
Our City and Our Issues

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