My Mentor My Friend
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My Mentor My Friend
As my first official year as a councilmember for the City of Foster City draws to an end I find myself looking at what I have learned over this year.
I have learned, to begin with, that there are some wonderful employees who have become friends that work for our City. If I had not taken the risk to run for a public office I would not have made their acquaintance and therefore would have missed meeting some very valuable human beings.

My mentor, who is also my friend of almost 25 years, is Linda Koelling. Linda just finished being mayor for 2006 and did a tremendous job. She brought our City Council together with her calm demeanor and strong ability to run our meetings. She kept us on track and led us in discussions and to decisions that we can all be proud of.

Linda brought a knowledge for business that she perfected while building and running her wonderful school, Kids Connection, of course located here in Foster City. Her commitment to excellence is the thread that weaves its way through her life.

Linda has also led by example in her personal life. She is a grandmother of two girls (with another on the way) and mother of three children (not counting Fred). Fred knows I love him too and I thank him for sharing her with our City this past year. He has had to eat dinner alone many nights but was awake to make her an English muffin and some tea when she got home. There were many bowls of cereal as well if our dinner of chicken and peas (for the umpteenth time) wasn’t so great.

I have learned so much from my friend, Linda. She has conducted herself with dignity and has reached out to not only Foster City residents but to other committees and boards that govern our County as well. That takes a lot of time and organization and her presence has been strongly felt at that level.

We have been friends from the soccer fields in 1980 to taking the train to Reno with 8 women playing Pedro (card game) all the way. Now we drive together to conventions from Sacramento to Carmel – all the time she continues to teach me what to expect and literally hold my hand through those first meetings and lectures.

You have been a great teacher Linda……I respect you and love you. I will continue to turn to you for my education and hope I can in turn support you……..I only hope I will prove to have been a good student. Thanks for “being there” for our City…….and for me.

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Council Corner

December 20, 2006
My Mentor My Friend

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