My Debt to Foster City
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My Debt to Foster City

In six months my debt to Foster City, I feel, will be Paid in Full……completed!!

By that I mean I have committed to public service for eight years as a council member and current mayor. Now I need to "be" committed!

Seriously this has been the most satisfying, educational and exhilarating experience of my life. It was a great honor to be asked to run for a seat on the dais to be involved in policy decisions and all aspects of the City I love. The thrill of actually campaigning and winning an election was an experience most people never have.

My life started in Foster City as a 30 year old pregnant widow with a three year old son. Jason and I moved on Hudson Bay in March of 1977 and three days later my second son, Daniel, joined our little family.

I didn't know a soul since my late husband was a baseball player and we moved around a bit as relievers did in those days. We were at Spring Training with the Milwaukee Brewers when he was killed. He was a local guy from San Mateo so I headed back to this area. Neighbors introduced themselves, welcomed and embraced me and I knew we had found, what I hoped, was a "forever" home in Foster City.

I know there are many stories out there about how much you love the community feel of Foster City and where I'm going with this is…….wouldn't you like to "pay it forward" as I did. The election this Fall will have two open seats. One incumbent will run again and full disclosure…. I have asked and endorsed a male resident to run for my empty seat. I have been looking for someone for almost a year since I would like to see someone I trust and respect to make the hard decisions in the years to come as they represent us.

That said I'm hoping someone else will throw their hat in the ring. I hope you might consider it. There are many politicians that think it okay to be "elected in an uncontested election" which means two candidates, two open seats……no election!! I totally believe in the democratic process and how beautiful it is to witness. I know some who have said they went out early, got endorsements and scared others off from running. Even if it were true I don't like the sounds of it and don't appreciate the insinuation.

Foster City has become my extended family and through my coaching years, my AYSO Board years and my parenting years, my volunteering for everything years, I have gained such respect for my fellow residents and for the employees that actually run this City. They have embraced me on my path of life, supported me in sad and happy times, and have remained constant reminders of what a great decision I made all those years ago at a time when I didn't feel too hopeful.

I AM hopeful that others may step up to the plate and consider a run for a seat on our council…….if anyone has questions about the office, responsibilities, time commitment or anything else please don't hesitate to contact me. I am so grateful to have been afforded this opportunity to help shape the future of Foster City, it is a feeling you can have as well. It has been my honor to serve.

Your city council was able to balance our budget after a three year plan proved successful…….many cutbacks, collaborations, the stay of much deserved employee compensations and the difficult task of asking many to make sacrifices. With new construction beginning and the economy improving I predict our financial picture will be strong and our generosity more apparent next year. I'll be watching from the sidelines and will certainly have a voice, no one wants to see me approach the podium!!

Do you feel Foster City has provided you and/or your family a fantastic quality of life, one most Cities cannot offer? Share your thoughts with me at

Vulnerability is to be brave enough to show up and be seen……when is the last time YOU did something for the First time?????

Council Corner

July 10, 2013
My Debt to Foster City

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