Many, Many Thanks
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Many, Many Thanks
As a new member of the City Council I plan on keeping you updated on a regular basis and I am pleased to write, my first Council Corner.

I would first like to give an acknowledgment to all the candidates who gave of their time, energy and finances to run for one of the open council seats. You are all to be commended for the ultimate in giving back to your community. Congratulations also goes to Art Kiesel for his successful re-election for another term. Thanks to those wonderful volunteers who kept me going, gave me advice and kept me on the straight and narrow. Special ‘kudos’ to my wife, Diana, for her constant love and support. Lastly, I want to thank each and every one of you who cast your ballot for me. I was humbled that I was elected this past month. I appreciate the faith and trust you have given me to keep Foster City as the wonderful city it has always been. I will do my best to keep our City safe, clean and with the best parks on the Peninsula.

During the campaign I visited many neighborhoods and met many residents who really cared about the City. I listened to them and will take their comments and suggestions under advisement as I embark on being one of your representatives to the Council.

I also realized that attending every council meeting and budget study session for the past year prior to running for office really paid off. I felt confident responding to most questions with authority and knowledge whenever a resident asked about the budget or whatever else was going on in Foster City.

Attending the budget study sessions made me realize that there are other options to balancing a budget than just by cutting costs. The other sides of the budget are revenues. Using my business experience I hope to increase revenues so that we will not need to cut more City services, which could jeopardize the safety of our streets. To do this I ask all of you for your suggestions and input so that any decisions that are made will be in the best interest of the City and its residents.

I have a long list of goals that I would like to accomplish during the next four years. The two most immediate items are to work towards a balanced budget and to ensure that the development of the 15 acres will benefit all and not just a small group of residents.

Finally, I realize that there are two pairs of “Big Shoes” to fill. With the retirement of Mayor Linda Koelling and Councilmember Rick Wykoff the City is losing many years of “institutional knowledge’. My thanks go out to Linda and Rick for their many years of amazing service to Foster City. I plan on keeping their numbers on speed dial. Thanks again, Linda and Rick, you will be missed.

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Council Corner

December 14, 2011
Many, Many Thanks

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