Looking Ahead to 2013
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Looking Ahead to 2013

At the December 3, 2012 Council Meeting I was elected to be your mayor for the year 2013. I am honored my colleagues voted for me to lead our city.

As I embark on this the 8th and final year on your city council, I can’t believe the changes, growth, challenges and hope I have been witness to.

Five years ago when I was your Mayor a reporter asked me what I wanted to accomplish in “my” year. My answer was and still is…..”I want to leave the city the way I found it, in great physical and fiscal shape”.

Observing the development plans for our last city-owned property……the 15 acres behind City Hall is very exciting as those who have been living here many years know. That piece of empty land will complete our City.

Hopefully continuing our quest to be greener and smarter about energy we are looking at adding solar panels to our library roof which needs replacement. Doing this a year early is smart since there are rebates available now.

So many exciting projects in queue like Chess/Hatch that will join other developments already underway at Pilgrim/Triton. Gilead is also completing phases that will enhance their business and make Foster City stronger as businesses continue to want to settle here.

With our Chamber of Commerce taking on a fresh approach and partnership with our city we look to attract, renew and retain current and future business in our city.

In my life it has NOT been about the destination but it HAS been about the journey. To me the destination is death, so why are we in such a hurry to get there??? The greatest lessons I have learned on this journey is simplicity, patience and compassion. For me it has been an experience of people.

We are incredibly lucky to have residents who have stepped up to enhance our city through committees, boards and councils and dedicated parents. These leaders have left their footprint on our hearts and our city. Let us reflect on those we have lost this past year…….Sam Felser, Arlene Darling, Janet Galeno, Ed Beck, Keith Krietman and of course Ron Cox. I apologize for missing any of other wonderful contributors to the strength and health of Foster City.

As this particular journey begins I want to thank our city staff and my colleagues for getting us through 2012 a little beat up (RDA funds), seemingly surviving the recession somewhat unscathed and for guiding us to balancing our budget by 2013-14. That was our goal three years ago and through incredibly hard work we are on target to do just that.

I look forward to the opportunity to be your mayor and take the lead on the dais. We may not have 5-0 votes but I promise the health, safety and welfare of Foster City will not be compromised. I will study the analysis and recommendations from staff in their reports and then I will encourage all to make a decision based on what they think the majority of the residents of Foster City would want them to vote for.

I look forward to your comments…….contact me pfrisella@fostercity.org.

Announcement: The Company that we adopted from the 101st Airborne is now in Afghanistan and our Police Chief, Matt Martell, is heading up our outreach to them. If you or your family would like to write holiday cards and sign them as Foster City residents under your name, we will send them to the company. Also donations are accepted in the form of checks……..later when they are more settled we will let folks know what specific items they are in need of.

Sad news about the passing of Mike Nevin, former supervisor and mayor in Daly City. Mike did so much for our county in his endless passion to help those suffering from addiction and troubled lives. The Service League will have a difficult time finding someone to replace this compassionate and dedicated human being. Our condolences to his family.

Enjoy family and friends this holiday season and remember to reach out to those less fortunate or alone. Happy Holidays.

Council Corner

December 12, 2012
Looking Ahead to 2013

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