Life on the City Council
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Life on the City Council

Earlier this month I celebrated the end of my second year on our City Council. I say celebrated because despite the fact that we have been in very difficult financial times and have had to make difficult decisions about layoffs and service reductions, I consider it an honor to be on our City Council and an honor to have your trust placed in me that I will make the right decisions.

Our City Council is now different with Steve Okamoto and Herb Perez joining and Linda Koelling and Rick Wykoff leaving but I know that Steve and Herb will bring the same passion for our City that each Councilmember has brought before them. Peaceful transition of government is a hallmark of our Country and our collective culture. Sure, personalities are different, but we have long had a culture in Foster City of respectable and professional debate and I am certain that such culture will continue, especially knowing how passionate everyone on the Council is about doing all she or he can to keep Foster City as the jewel of the Peninsula. I look forward to serving with my prior colleagues Pam Frisella and Art Kiesel and with my new colleagues Steve Okamoto and Herb Perez. I see great things ahead for us with this new team in place.

Life for me on the City Council has, in many ways, been one of the highlights of my life. Our City Staff had a potluck lunch the other day and I tried to go around and thank as many of them personally as I could for the outstanding job they do for us every day. This is a time of year when many of us have out of town guests and often hear how beautiful our City is. That beauty is due to the hard work of the women and men that we employ in departments such as Public Works, Parks and Recreation and Community Development. Thank you for keeping our City so beautiful.

We have an amazingly safe City due primarily to the great work of Police Chief Courtin and the Foster City PD who do an outstanding job for us every day. We live in a place where we all feel safe in our homes and on our streets and we owe them a thank you for providing that for us.

Our Fire Chief, Dan Belville, is second to none. The public comments that I hear about our Fire Department, their professionalism and community spirit are nothing short of amazing. We live in a City where the emergency response time is unbeatable and the folks who show up to help are the best anywhere. Thank you for that too.

There are also lots of people behind the scenes in Information Technology, Human Resources, Finance and the like who are so good at what they do, that to most of our residents, they are invisible. Please be assured that they are there and working really hard every day to make sure that your City runs as smoothly as possible. Thank you to those people too.

All of this is as a result of the management team, both past and present, headed up by our City Manager, Jim Hardy. Jim has a quiet dignity, respect and leadership style that has lead us and kept us as the best city on the Peninsula. Thanks Jim and management team for another great job this year.

Finally, there’s you, the residents of Foster City. I have had the opportunity to serve you these past few years, meet with you in resident committees, work with you on projects, represent you on local, county and state matters. It has been an honor and a privilege. Foster City residents are amazing people. Because of them, because of you, we are truly the shining star of our broader community. Thank you for all you have done for Foster City and for the honor of allowing me to serve.

Happy Holidays to you all and have a safe and Happy New Year.

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December 21, 2011
Life on the City Council

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