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What and whom actually influence our children and ourselves?
It was so clear at our March 6, 2006 Council Meeting.

When AYSO was awarded with the Platinum Award for excellence for all they do for the children of Foster City it made my heart smile. The faces of the Board of Directors were proof that the folks that volunteer to be on any Board of Directors, from Little League to Scouts, are a great influence on our children.

The contentment this particular group felt from knowing they are “making a difference” is apparent and so rewarding to them and of course ultimately to our children.

I began my involvement in Foster City by serving on the Board of AYSO 25 years ago for six years. I still see folks today that served and the friendships you make by being involved in children’s lives forms a bond that never ends.

Because I raised my sons alone it made the interaction with coaches, teachers and friends so important to their developement and actually to mine. Who can forget Jim Pounds, who died almost ten years ago? Or King Gee, Lou Parmett and so many others who taught and guided our children.

We don’t realize until our children are grown and we ask them, “Who made you want to be better as a person as well as a better athlete”? I’ve asked my sons and I was a little surprised at their answers but very thankful that I made the choice to live in Foster City as a young widow and raise them here.

We do it right in Foster City……our City supports so many programs through the Recreation Department as well as the many clubs and organizations we support. We recognize them for what they do and can never thank them enough for giving of themselves and their time.

There is no more precious gift that you can give than your time……to give of yourself and your time to someone of any age will never be forgotten by them. This is the influence we all have on our fellow human beings.

I’ve learned that the folks I’ve met, worked with, volunteered with and hang out with in Foster City are my family. They have been my teachers and my influence…… I’ve learned that families aren’t always biological.

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March 15, 2006

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