Hot Topics in Foster City
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Hot Topics in Foster City
The hottest topic is our upcoming election. I commend (listed in ballot order) Art Kiesel, Steve Okamoto, Bill Schwarz, Patrick Sullivan, Jennifer Minkey-Selvitella and Herb Perez for having the guts to put themselves in a position to be criticized, scrutinized and publicized!!! By now the weary group has knocked on doors, hammered signs on corners and homes, met many new people and maybe even kissed some babies and probably replaced their sneakers.

San Mateo had only one new person take out papers and one incumbent return so there will be no election. It is sad that no one else came forward because the democratic process was missed on their election. I’m proud that we have six strong members of our community that stepped up and entered this political arena which can be a scary place to be. We all should appreciate their sacrifices.

It takes commitment, passion and the love of community to put your life on hold these four months of their and their family’s lives.

Do the right thing and get out there and vote…..most have websites so there is no excuse for not checking out their credentials and accomplishments in this City of ours. Also do your homework if you question the comments at these forums to make sure their statements are accurate. There are over 14,000 registered voters in Foster City, many of whom seem to think the presidential election is the only time you are suppose to vote. I truly hope voters will take this opportunity to use their voice!!!

You may also check out the forum that the League of Women Voters recently hosted in our Council Chambers at

In my last column I asked for anyone that has served in the military to email me so we can include them in our list of veterans. I heard from many WWII vets but no one from Vietnam to present…..please know I mean all veterans since every one of you have contributed to the success of this country. Please, if you know anyone mention this to them so they will hopefully email me.

The 15 acre site is “on the table” as well. Your council members have heard presentations from the two developers and many residents have emailed their questions or asked them at the presentations in council chambers. I would like to encourage you to email me your questions or comments since hopefully YOU and I will be the people occupying these units.

Once the decision has been made on which developer should have exclusive rights to our land, it is just the beginning of the process. We would still then have to agree on the financial obligations and other details……we must take our time on this to make sure we broker the best arrangements to ensure the success of this last 15 acres of city owned land. This is such a personal subject for us on the council that lived here when there stood a sign “Future Site of Marina High School”. Unfortunately for Foster City, the school district started selling off that land and our vision for a high school. That is why it is imperative we make sure this project fills the needs of as many Foster City residents as humanly possible. For me the details should also include the legal language that asks that Foster City residents have a slight advantage as to when they can apply.

On a personal note……I’ve lived here for 35 years and have never taken a class at our Recreation Center. All that changed when I started my mornings with Jazzercise. Our Parks and Recreation Department has so many programs for all ages to take advantage of. I encourage you to look carefully at our Schedule of Programs found on the internet. There is bound to be something for you as well…….Pedro, Bridge, yoga, jazzercise, pottery!!! You name it, plus all the children’s programs. We have the best Parks and Recreation Department in the country. Our Parks and Recreation Committee has some openings you may want to apply for. This committee is an integral part of the success of our Parks and Recreation Department. Email the City Clerk at for more information.

Staff, residents and council members are why this City is in great shape…….pay attention to what is going on around you, stay informed and keep in touch with your current council members. We do work for YOU.

Email me at if you have comments regarding anything in “our” City.

Council Corner

October 19, 2011
Hot Topics in Foster City

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