Hearts are Broken
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Hearts are Broken

Our innocence is lost, however our faith in the people of these United States is unwavering.

I watched with all of you as the horror unfolded in Boston until the conclusion on Friday night. As I watched the residents of Watertown waving, thanking and cheering law enforcement and public safety forces leave, I just pictured the streets of Foster City and how sure I am we would have handled this crisis the same. They embraced the dedication of those that ran toward instead of away from the danger.

When I wake during the night I think of the mother waking in the night to realize her son has died and her daughter has lost her leg. It’s such a shock when those thoughts come back. I remember 36 years ago when my husband died in an accident, it was hard to close my eyes to sleep because I knew I would awake to that reality. My heart just aches for her and her family and the families of those we lost.

Those maimed and in need of therapy, both mentally and physically for a very long time, will remain in our hearts. Families are shattered and parents are struggling to explain these events to their young children. As if Sandy Hook wasn’t bad enough. I remember having to explain the Challenger disaster in the 80’s to my young sons. Even though that was an accident it was very difficult to explain.

Those of us old enough to have grandchildren are saddened by the direction the world seems to be going. While we cannot protect our loved ones or control what they encounter along the path of life, I just hope we can lead by example and make that commitment to each other. We cannot hide from life but try to enjoy each breath and know we are doing the best we can to make this little part of the world a better place.

This is another example of how being trained in CERT, our Community Emergency Response Team, is so important. Places like San Francisco call them NERTs with the word Neighborhood instead. If there hadn’t been all those volunteers at the finish line I think we would have been looking at a far different outcome. To learn more about how to be trained, please email me or go to www.fostercitycert.org. We have well over 300 residents trained for just such disasters. Unfortunately, we say not IF a disaster strikes but WHEN. So please prepare yourself and your family.

I don’t want to live in fear and refuse to be terrorized. The qualities we need the most now is resilience, adherence to the rule of law and keeping our democratic values…….these are what make our country great!!!

I do agree Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should have a fair trial because he is a US citizen and I trust that the values we hold dear distinguish us as a free and fearless nation. It is difficult not to judge but we must not bring ourselves to the level of others.

While we remain a small town with great fire and police personnel to protect us and come to our aid, we must know we are not exempt from bad things happening. We must continue to stay a tight community, one that for us as Americans means not jumping to conclusions about people in our own community who may look or believe something different than we do. Stay strong and stay committed to doing the right thing even when no one is looking. We are Foster City and I know we are strong!!!

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Council Corner

May 01, 2013
Hearts are Broken

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