Foster City Cares
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Foster City Cares
As we are all aware, our country is in a lot of trouble financially which translates to our fellow neighbors here in Foster City as well as in our surrounding cities. Some of them are in dire need of some assistance.

I have served dinner to the homeless residents at Samaritan House’s homeless shelter for almost twenty years. I have seen the demographics of those folks change over the years. Most have jobs but not enough money to pay rent. I talked to one fellow there who has a friend who pays $500 a month for the privilege of parking in his driveway, using the restroom and letting his two children sleep on the couch in the family room. The sacrifices people are making just break my heart.

Of course, this hits very close to our fellow residents and fellow human beings in Foster City, many of whom are helping more in need.

One resident is stepping up with a pledge of $2,500 of his own and the promise to find other donations of hopefully another $10,000. His name is Wendell Sampson and if you know him you know he is a “can do” kind of guy and will make it happen.

Joining in this effort is my own donation to the Samaritan House to help feed those in need over the holidays. Lucky’s grocery store here in Foster City has helped the last few years and is again partnering with us with great deals on food for those struggling this year. Solomon Tsai, owner of the Crowne Plaza, has matched Wendell’s pledge.

I am calling this effort “Foster City Cares” because I know we do care. I know there are many of us struggling and these donations represent our commitment to do our part to lighten the load for our friends who possibly for the first time ever finding themselves needing a little help.

I will be the first to mail my donation to the Samaritan House at 1511 S. Claremont Street, San Mateo, CA 94402. I am writing “Foster City Cares” on the memo line of my check. These donations are tax deductable. This effort will not change the world but it will change the world these folks are living in right now. I know how much this will be appreciated.

My thanks……Also, this is my last column as your Mayor and I just want to say thank you for the pleasure and honor of serving the people of Foster City. I am very proud to be part of this community. I think nothing in my life is important unless it has a purpose…..if I am not making someone else’s life better than I am wasting my time.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me at

Council Corner

November 19, 2008
Foster City Cares

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