Earth Day Is Not Over
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Earth Day Is Not Over
Earth Day was specified as one day but as everyone knows it lasts every day of every year from this day forward!!!

I have to give kudos to our city formed, Environmental Sustainability Task Force. This committee appointed by council with staff support from Kristi Chappelle and Andra Lorenz plus our environmental intern, Olivia Puerta, has taken their role very, very seriously. They do not see this mission as a just for now deal but as a lifetime of changes as we educate our city on these issues.

I have been to many events in April related to the sustainability of our cities however our Earth Day event held April 25th, which drew attendance of close to 2,000, was the best. It is unbelievable that it was planned by volunteers, Joanne Bohigian and Sally Liu leading the effort. It was successful because the day showcased many companies with great ideas and helpful ways for all of us to conserve. We could all relate to what we heard, touched and observed from the vendors. From drought resistant gardens, solar tubes, solar panels, give-aways from Home Depot to conserve faucet water and so much more. Also the clown was pretty darn good!!!

Award certificates were given to the children that participated in the drawing contest. They were from the public schools in Foster City plus the Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School. These kids drew some amazing ideas describing how they see us conserving......from real material for the clothes hanging on the line to dry to turning off the water when you brush your teeth and wash dishes. I am convinced that our children will be the ones to actually educate our community because everything they hear at school they bring home and want their parents to implement.

We all must be diligent however as you see in our upcoming water rate changes. Just remember, even if we are not in drought status it does not mean we should just let the water flow.......please stay focused since water is such a precious resource. I have received emails from those who still don't understand why, if they turn off the irrigation water all winter, their bill doesn't significantly reduce. As we have tried to explain at many public meetings we have fixed costs which are dictated to us by the San Francisco Public Utility Commission. I attended their study session regarding the repairs they are doing on the Hetch Hetchy system as they explained the updating and repairs over the next five or six years. This system is unique but pricey... in the billions. They will begin at the Crystal Springs area where Sawyer Camp Trail begins when in a couple of months they demolish the bridge, do the repairs and then come back and rebuild the bridge. Access to the trail will change so make sure you check before embarking on a walk. We’re probably looking at 3-4 years before the usual access is available, but when it opens again there will be a route to the other side of Highway 280 plus a trail to Belmont. If you want more information regarding this project go to or

Hopefully you attended the fair, were as impressed as I was and will stay committed to conserve and protect our Earth!!! Many thanks to the volunteers including CERT members, Amateur Radio Emergency Services, Boy Scout Troops #27, #47 and #175, the Youth Advisory Committee, Kids Connection students and faculty, the Rotary Club of Foster City that provided the BBQ, a variety of volunteers from local businesses and high schools and employees of Foster City, especially our City Manager Department Intern Teresa Whinery who coordinated so much of the event logistics. Mostly I would like to thank the Environmental Sustainability Task Force members who committed so much time and care to this project. For a first time event it was a WINNER.....looking forward to next year. We are actively taking applications to fill the four vacant seats on the committee so contact me if you are interested.

As an FYI, and absent a lot of specifics, an agreement has been reached that will allow us to start a little early with the single streaming of our reyclables. SBWMA is the agency responsible for the negotiating. Three new wheeled carts will be delivered to each Foster City residence in mid-November. I, for one, am really excited that a large blue cart for all of my recyclables is on its way......early Christmas present for me. Dragging those bins out twice a month is a back breaker. And I can’t wait until January, when I’ll be able to place all my food waste in my green yard waste cart! More information is available on the SBWMA website, Also, keep an eye out this summer for more information in the mail about selecting the size of your black trash cart ….
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May 12, 2010
Earth Day Is Not Over

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