Desperate Times Sometimes Result in Desperate Behavior
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Desperate Times Sometimes Result in Desperate Behavior
We had a budget meeting on Monday, March 30. As I tried to concentrate on the evidently important decisions before me, my mind kept wandering to what is going on in our country.

Of course, top of that list as we talked about our police department and its needs, my thoughts went to those on our force and how they felt attending the funeral of the four officers in Oakland. That morning I read of two other rampages across this country where a young man decapitated his five year old sister in front of officers trying to save her, the man looking for his wife at a nursing home and killing seven in the process, and finally the incident in Santa Clara that wiped out an entire family. There have been rampages in our history but the increase is becoming a bit scary.

I know my job is to help keep our City running effectively and efficiently and mostly safely but we also need to be mindful of the mental health and well being of our residents. I have tried very hard not to live my life in fear but it seems our country has turned on itself. The anger and resentment has manifested in the people who are unlikely participants but have found themselves desperate. I read a lot about the problems our country is having, but never find solutions or ways to solve the issues because they are so complex.

I wish I had an answer to our "world gone mad" but all I keep coming up with is that the greed of the last 30 years has caught up to all of us and the result is evident. When is the last time we had a significant number of middle class in our county??? It is now the have and have not’s. My dear friend John Kelly talked about this to me many years ago and our continuing need for more. More money, more "things". I know I am not a columnist for the New York Times but I needed to put my thoughts on paper.

I implore you to look after yourself better, your neighbors and the strangers you pass every day. I know this probably sounds a little like Pollyanna is writing this but IF it makes folks remember the theme of being kinder to others then maybe someone will have a better day!!!

We must stay diligent in running our beautiful City but finances are only part of keeping it beautiful...........keeping it healthy both physically and mentally and financially is the goal I'm striving for. I will never be complacent or indifferent to wanting this human experience to be as spiritual and rewarding as I can make it for myself and those around me.

The anxiety we feel when we read about the way we are treating strangers much less our families makes us live with fear. I hope you can create your little corner of the world where your thoughts create your reality. SO think miraculously and maybe it will spread. This nation shouldn't be afraid or fearful of each other.

Times are tough financially so bring your lunch to a park with family and friends and when a police officer goes by.....please wave and say a silent prayer that they stay safe and a silent prayer for the families of those we have lost.

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April 08, 2009
Desperate Times Sometimes Result in Desperate Behavior

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