Cultivating Community and Are You Interested
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Cultivating Community and Are You Interested

I received many responses regarding my last council corner regarding Spring and how beautiful Foster City looked.

I talked about seeing residents working in their yard……so many projects going on from planting, new driveways and major landscaping. I also talked about the many folks that couldn’t get to the store or plant some flowers to brighten not only their day but those that passed their homes, condos or apartments. There were several people that responded that they wanted to help but didn’t exactly know how.

I would like to form a group of volunteers to help those that need it…..not only the ones who may not be able to afford but those who cannot physically do the work. This would not be a citizens advisory committee because I really don’t want to make MORE work for the City. That would involve liaisons, specific meeting times, and some of that colored tape, etc. One woman already had a name “Landscape Enhancement” volunteers.

Of course it would be a group effort to find a name but that one is pretty good. This group would not be a rebirth of the Beautification Committee because I’m not looking for the most beautiful yard or home but the ones that could use a little TLC.

One gentlemen took it a step further to say he would like to see the entrances into Foster City cleaned up a bit. He and I both know some of the land coming off 101 at Hillsdale and coming of 92 at Edgewater are owned and under the jurisdiction of Cal Trans but I’m thinking they would be happy to have us “help” them clean it up. I find these agencies receptive and I’m pretty persuasive.
Lots of ideas…….I would like to find volunteers that have great ideas but more importantly have folks that know how to implement those ideas. I want doers.

SO, if you are interested in lending a hand by donating your time, resources or ideas please let me know. We can meet at City Hall one afternoon and see what we come up with. I find when you get a few diversified folks around a table and everyone starts throwing out ideas great things happen. If there are ten or twenty Foster City residents around one table with the same goals in mind I’m thinking we will be successful.

As always I would love to hear from you at

Council Corner

June 28, 2006
Cultivating Community and Are You Interested

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