For All of the Kids, Yes on P
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For All of the Kids, Yes on P

As a City Councilmember and community leader in Foster City, I am sometimes faced with decisions that impact not only my neighborhood or my city, but also the greater community in which I live. At this time, local voters are faced with one of these regional issues—Measure P—which supports all of the students of the San Mateo-Foster City School District.

As its name implies, the San Mateo-Foster City School District mainly encompasses two cities, and also includes some unincorporated areas of San Mateo County. It is a community in and of itself, which serves the children in our local neighborhoods. When we support our local school district, we support the students from all communities that it serves.

I have been a lifelong supporter of public education and believe that, as a community, it is essential to do all that we can to keep our excellent local schools among the top in the state. Our schools educate the next generation and we know that excellent local schools keep our community and property values strong. Great schools benefit all of us, and so will Measure P.

I urge you to vote YES on Measure P on this year's November ballot for the students in our school district community.

Measure P relieves overcrowding in San Mateo and Foster City schools.

Student enrollment in San Mateo and Foster City schools has grown at an average rate of 250 students per year for the last 8 years, the equivalent of one of our local elementary schools each year. Measure P provides a community-based solution to accommodate growing enrollment by remodeling Knolls Elementary School in San Mateo and rebuilding Bowditch Middle School. These two projects received community input from Foster City residents, district school site councils and received unanimous approval by the school district Board of Trustees. Measure P is the only source of funding to complete these projects and relieve school overcrowding. If Measure P does not pass, every student in the district will be impacted by continued school overcrowding, regardless of where they live, as there will not be enough space in existing schools for elementary students.

Measure P provides technology upgrades for 21st century learning.

Recently, California adopted new, 21st-century academic Common Core standards. Our children must prepare for these new, rigorous educational standards, which require access to modern classroom technology. Measure P provides the necessary funds to update technology so that students can stay competitive. Without technology funding from Measure P, our schools cannot purchase and update technology for all students, let alone keep it up to date over time. This would impact our economically disadvantaged students in particular, as they would have far fewer opportunities to access the technology necessary for the new computerized statewide exams. Measure P is critical to continuing educational equity in all communities that our schools serve and keeping our students competitive in the 21st century economy.

Measure P benefits San Mateo and Foster City students—our school district is one community.

All students will benefit from technology upgrades. All students will benefit from energy efficiency savings that will generate approximately $1 million annually to help retain teachers and support academic programs. And, all students will benefit from school renovations that will help prevent classroom overcrowding in both cities.

Measure P has received the support of the City Council of Foster City, San Mateo Daily Journal, San Mateo County Democratic Party, San Mateo County Labor Council, the San Mateo-Foster City School District PTA Council, Senator Jerry Hill, Supervisor Carole Groom and many others. For more information, visit the campaign's website, If you would like to reach me, please send me an email to

Please stand with me and support Measure P for all of our community's children.

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October 09, 2013
For All of the Kids, Yes on P

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