Looking Forward to the New Year
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Looking Forward to the New Year

The coming of the New Year always seems to bring with it the hope of new beginnings and a fresh start. It is also a time when several New Year's resolutions are made but only a few, if any, of them seem to be kept, a time for new beginnings, and looking forward to the challenges of tomorrow.

Many of us look forward to a new year with great anticipation that times will be better and experiences will be pleasantly remembered. Some have had bad experiences over the past and feel it is time to put those unpleasant memories aside and look ahead to better times. The beginning of the year brings with it ever increasing daylight hours and the expectation of participating in more outdoor activities.

Some of us eagerly await the colorful vegetation and indulge in some gardening hobbies while others start preparing for our children's athletic activities that seem to happen more frequently as they get older. We sometimes wonder how fast the time has past as it did not seem that long ago that we were holding our children in our arms and now they are out playing baseball, soccer, or even riding their bicycle without our assistance.

There seems to be something about this time of the year when we seem to solidify those family bonds through current pictures of the families, stories of the children and telephone conversations. With the newer generations and travel becoming more commonplace, families have moved further and further away. At this time of year more than any other, we either travel to be with those family members or they travel to be with us.

With the Internet/e-mail etc., we are able to stay more in touch with loved ones no matter what the distance. Carrying a cell phone has become as commonplace as a wallet or change in your pocket. We are able to share pictures of the children moments after they are taken. We are able to send movies of the children 'live' from the current soccer game, baseball game, or even your child's first piano recital. Times certainly have changed and I for one have every expectation that as a result of technological innovation, times will continue to change and at a much faster pace.

Then, all too soon the holiday season is over and we find ourselves back in those busy daily routines of our lives, hoping to live up to those New Year's resolutions. My New Year's resolution, as it is every year, is to keep alive the holiday spirit all year long by doing the little things for those less fortunate. I have and will continue to strive to put smiles on other's faces more often.

My New Year's resolution for the City is the same as it has been for the past several years – that is to make sure that Foster City residents receive the highest quality of service that our funds will allow. And as our economy improves, I hope that task should be less difficult to achieve.

As we look ahead, those of us who live in San Mateo County have been blessed with seeing a level of economic recovery, which unfortunately is not the case in all parts of the state or even the country. The challenging economic times that we have experienced over the past several years has not treated many of our neighbors very well. The impacts of the economic difficult times have touched more and more of our loved ones as well. While there seems to be some hope for economic optimism, there are those who remain tentative and cautious over the coming months.

It is true that an economy will have its ups and downs and as we have just experienced a severe downtrend, it is also true that economic times are looking better. However, it will take a concerted effort by many to ensure that any economic recovery and stability can be sustained. I am a believer in the resourcefulness of the human spirit and its ability to address any challenge that comes its way.

I would appreciate your comments on this and other issues by emailing me at akiesel@fostercity.org or by phone - 650-573-7359.

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January 08, 2014
Looking Forward to the New Year

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