The Fourth Quarter - Planning for the Future
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The Fourth Quarter - Planning for the Future

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving as we start another holiday season together. May this season bring joy to you and your family.

This year two of our members are going to leave the Council after many years of service to our City. I want to thank both of them again for their years of service. We are in their debt. We will also be joined by two new members and I want to welcome them as they begin a rewarding adventure.

I am now the senior member of our City Council, completing my sixth year of service. With just two years left for me (the fourth quarter), I know it will go very fast. Over forty years ago, T. Jack Foster began to formulate the idea and plan for the City we now hold so near and dear in our hearts. Much of what he planned more than forty years ago is now here for our use and enjoyment. Today, as we convene the fourth Council of my tenure, we are faced with the task of moving that plan forward for the next forty years.

We have some challenges before us. Some come from our recent economic prosperity such as traffic and housing. Others have been with us for a while such as school facilities and shopping centers. Issues are also beginning to arise as we age as a City, the wastewater treatment plant and the levees are two of the more significant.

We are fortunate, however, in that we live in a City that has been fiscally responsible, is safe, has great schools, parks, and facilities and is run by a staff that is second to none. So the trick, as I see it, is to plan for the future to meet our challenges but without altering who we are and the quality of life we enjoy. One of the critical ways of getting that done, I think, is to involve the residents and businesses in putting together the plan for the future. I see the next two years as having significantly enhanced public outreach. I have heard more than once, people express frustration that there are things going on in the City that they were unaware of. We need to change that.

We need to work and plan together. We need to understand the issues that are important to our residents and businesses and come up with a plan for the future that will address those issues. Small town hall meetings, business advisory committees, new and more public outreach are ways to accomplish the goal of better communication. Better communication allows us to plan in a way that provides buy-in. A plan that has buy-in has a greater chance to succeed than one that does not.

So for me, the next two years is about planning together. Reaching out, listening, educating and reaching consensus. This will be an interesting time for our City as we plan for the next forty years. Look out for opportunities to participate in the process and then do so. Together we can build the City we all want for our children. A city for all to envy. Foster City.

Those are my thoughts. You can always share your ideas with me by email at

Council Corner

November 25, 2015
The Fourth Quarter - Planning for the Future

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