The Man About Town
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The Man About Town

THE MAN ABOUT TOWN. (That's me!) Working full time in our family business – a travel agency, located in San Francisco – one might think that I could not possibly spend enough time in Foster City representing all of you. Not true! I spend time doing both. Just ask my wife!! Furthermore, when I am around town, shopping, getting gas, having coffee or a meal, I usually like to strike up a conversation with people. What can I say? I am a born communicator… Lately I find myself asking folks two questions:

1) What should Foster City look like in 2021 (our 50th birthday as a city)?

The variety of replies surprised me! Some people took a moment to reflect and consider their responses, and others seized the chance to share their vision of Foster City with a decision maker. (Of course, I remind them that I am only one of five people involved in establishing policy!)

Elaine–"Continue to keep the city looking like a city that EVERYONE envies. Good housing values, great schools and parks, easy to get into and out of."

Mike– "A vibrant, well managed community with a "city center" identity, that offers families an opportunity to send their children to local schools that are recognized nationally as some of the best in the US."

Kathy– "There will be no additional housing built, and we will have the infrastructure to support the needs of all the citizens in FC including City services and school (including updating existing schools) and we will have a revitalization of our shopping centers - updated to meet the needs and expectations of the residents and continue to make youth sports a priority." 

2) What keeps you (living) in Foster City?

Elaine– "For now, the convenience of being mid-peninsula keeps us here along with the small community being very safe to be in. While it would be nice to be in a warmer climate (i.e., the South Bay), we could also have a colder climate (i.e., SF) we have a very happy medium!! The area is well maintained and lots of good open space for recreation. The kid's sports programs are great. "

Mike– "Long standing social connections, stable and vibrant real estate market and perfect location to access everything that the Bay Area offers."

Kathy– "What keeps us here is the feeling of a small community where people are vested in what our community looks like, and the ability to go to the park and be with a community of parents that are equally invested in their children." We should celebrate our "small town feel." When people ask me where I live and I say, "Foster City," I get a lot of "where's that?" That's ok with me. I like that we are a hidden jewel on the Peninsula!"

What about YOU? How would you answer these two questions?

LET'S TALK POLITICS: On November 6th, our City Council participated in a full day meeting, during which we discussed our vision for our city. Some really exciting ideas were shared – so stay tuned to read about our goals and plans!

Last Tuesday, the 4th of November, Americans took to the polling booths to exercise their constitutional right of electing people who can best serve our country, state and city. It was one year ago that I was voted an elected official for Foster City. During this past year, we on the City Council have taken on many issues that have directly affected each of you. Sometimes we get it right, other times setting policy has been more difficult, as we attempt to create policy that will be for the greater good of the community in the long run and the short term effects can be less than thrilling. If you had the opportunity to ask me one question on what you believe the most important issue or policy next up for a vote… Wait until my next Council Corner!

WHAT'S IN A NAME? Most of you are aware that we have three new parks under construction at this time. The current names for the parks, Werder Park, Destination Park, and East Third Avenue/Windsurf Park, are only place holders for now, and you as residents of Foster City will have the chance to participate in naming these parks! Our Parks & Recreation Committee will be holding meetings over the next few months to provide residents the chance to present names to be considered. They will also be using social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to gather suggested names. So start making your lists! Be sure to check out each new park to get inspired and keep in mind the many nautical terms that Foster City has in place among its park and street names. Our city ordinance, voted by the City Council back in 2001, is clear on not naming parks and buildings after people… something to think about as you come up with your own creative park names.

The Parks and Recreation Committee will hold meetings that are open to the public to further discuss the naming process and the overall development of these parks on Wednesday January 14, 2015 and Wednesday February 4, 2015 at 6:30 PM at City Council Chambers, 620 Foster City Boulevard. Please check for more information and updates.

'TIS THE SEASON TO GIVE BACK. As the holiday season fast approaches, we can't help but be reminded to always be thankful for what we have - family, friends and health. However there are many people who, unfortunately, do not have family or shelter or food - and there is never a better time to help out than NOW. Not just with money but with volunteering. Many good organizations are in need of food, money and your TIME. So please, get involved - I do! Not sure where to start? Contact me, and I will be happy to connect you with an organization where you can truly make a difference.

Please share your thoughts with me… You can reach me at or 650-286-3505.

Council Corner

November 12, 2014
The Man About Town

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