Your Man Around Town! 10/12/16
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Your Man Around Town! 10/12/16

There's no place like home …

Ruby Slippers. My wife and I had the wonderful opportunity to spend the past two weeks in France. In my business of owning a travel agency, sometimes duty calls and I have to answer the call!! I know, it's a tough job.

Having traveled to more than 80 countries on 6 continents to date, you could say that I have seen my share of life in other places. In rural China, years ago, I had met with a multi-generational family who only had access to running water three times a week and electricity fewer times than that. A few years back I also made a trip to Albania, whose country had been torn apart by war and crime. The rebuilding we saw had stopped mid-way because there was not enough money to finish. Most recently, I had the chance to visit Paris, a bustling city where people are living happy lives and have for the most part, what they want and need.

While these countries are all very different, it made it very clear to me that we are incredibly lucky to live in the United States. I use this message with my adult children, that life is not always greener somewhere else. I also try to hold true to that message when, as one of your representatives on our City Council, we make difficult policy decisions about what we feel is best for our City now and for the future.

Whether we are considering building new homes, adding new retail or commercial spaces, or even asking the School Board to talk with us, our common goal is to keep making Foster City a unique and wonderful place to live – unlike anywhere else.

Chris and I are always thankful when we fly home to San Francisco International Airport, look out of the airplane window, and watch as we make our final approach. There is absolutely no place like home!

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words. Part of the work of our Parks & Recreation Committee has been to consider how art might become an added feature to the look and feel to Shorebird Park. The City of Foster City has received a grant for $112K to cover these costs. The two pieces of art are Monumental Geese and Hydra, both of which have a look and feel that fit into the surrounding essence of the park. The other project to be added will be a stainless steel shade component. Stay tuned for more details as we move closer to adding these features. A big thank you to Melissa Speidel for her leadership and passion on this project.

Difficult Decisions. During the last two City Council meetings, we dealt with an issue of reducing three of our citizen advisory committees – Parks & Recreation, ITAC and Audit.The goal, we ultimately agreed on, was to reduce the committee size to five members each. The decision was not an easy one to make, but we do feel it is the best way to go. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge someone who began the year as Chair of the Parks & Recreation Committee, Ron Seligman. Ron grew up in Foster City, went to school in Foster City, and raised his children in Foster City. Not only is he very active in our youth sports, but recently he started a program called "VIP", a soccer program for kids with special needs/abilities. I have personally known Ron for close to 30 years, and even played softball with him at Edgewater Park! At the last Parks & Recreation Committee meeting on October 5th, Ron read a heartfelt letter announcing his resignation from the Committee effective at the conclusion of that meeting. Ron, thank you for all you have done. Your presence will be sorely missed. We need more leaders like you!

Whether you're a Foster City native or transplant of this beautiful city, there's one common denominator here. Much credit is due to the people who have worked tirelessly and invested their time & efforts into this community. Government and citizens alike, the collective partnership is what has made Foster City the wonderful place it is – one I am always happy to return home to.

If you wish to comment or share your thoughts, please contact me at or 650-286-3505.


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October 12, 2016
Your Man Around Town!

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