Foster City - The "Experience"
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Foster City - The "Experience"

In 1989 we moved into the neighborhood in San Mateo immediately adjacent to Foster City at Norfolk and Hillsdale. In 1999 we moved into Foster City. In 2001 I joined the Rotary Club of Foster City and have spent years since working to support the Foster City community, its parks, schools, police department, fire department, non-profits and so on. In 2006 I sought appointment to the Foster City Planning Commission but lost on a 2 – 3 vote. I persevered and in April of 2006 I was appointed to the Planning Commission where I served just shy of four years with one year as the Chairperson. In 2009 I ran for election to the Foster City City Council and won the seat I currently occupy.

None of this makes me unique on our Council. In fact, my history is mirrored by all of the other members. Art Kiesel, for example, has been a resident of Foster City for many years, served on the Planning Commission, including as the Chairperson, ran once unsuccessfully for City Council and then won a seat on the Council in 2007. The history of Council Members, Okamoto, Pollard and Perez are similar. Each has been a resident for a significant period of time and each of them served on the Parks and Rec Committee, and was Chairperson. They each also gave back substantially to the Foster City community in various ways.

The reason I am writing about this is because I think that having the Foster City "Experience" is important given the key issues that we, as your Council, have to decide. In my years on the Council we have seen our share of consultants come before us and it became readily clear who did and who did not understand Foster City. City wide traffic studies, retail studies and the like were presented to us and it was clear that these folks did not understand our City. Developers with experience came and talked to us about outreach to the community and developers without experience came to talk to us about property tax revenue. Time and again one of us on the Council would point out to the variety of people who came that Foster City was unique and that a knowledge of Foster City was key to providing us with information that would be useful to us to make key decisions. That is as true today as it has ever been.

I love Foster City more today than I ever have and I understand it so much better because of my time here and because of the large number of residents and businesses that I have come to know. It has only been by being here for as long as I have and meeting and getting to know so many of its people that I have been able to develop an understanding of what makes Foster City, Foster City. Council Member Pollard often speaks of representing the 31,000 and I agree, but it is more than that because the 31,000 are the residents, we also have our businesses, their employees, our neighbors and guests who use our facilities. Getting to know all of them and understanding their position on key issues, is critical to being able to make decisions for the greater good. Experience is not replaceable and cannot be manufactured. I would not be able to do my job as well as I do it today, were it not for my history in Foster City. I think that is true of the Council as a whole.

We have lots of significant issues coming before us in the next several years. Our levees, our wastewater treatment plant, our schools, housing, traffic, you name it, there are important issues galore. If the point is to deal with those issues in a way that preserves our quality of life then my experience in Foster City and the experience of those others who serve and will serve on its Council is essential. Foster City is special and unique because of its people more than anything. That, is the Foster City experience I bring and I hope all others will bring as well.

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Council Corner

September 16, 2015
Foster City - The "Experience"

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