Your Man Around Town! 08/19/15
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Your Man Around Town! 08/19/15

Round round get around
I get around, Yeah
Get around round round I get around

- The Beach Boys

Rock The Vote. The election cycle in Foster City is beginning to take shape! You can visit the details of who is running by visiting here. Of the four residents who are running for the three available seats, only one is an incumbent - Herb Perez. The other three candidates are: Sam Hindi, Catherine Mahanour, and Patrick Sullivan. One sitting Council Member, Steve Okamoto, has chosen to not seek re-election. I have known Steve for many years through his connection with Foster City Little League. Our paths have crossed at little league games when Steve was the umpire – and a very fair one, I might add! For the past two years we have served together on City Council, and Steve has been a good friend and mentor to me on many issues that affect each of us who live, work and play in Foster City. I hope you will join me in thanking Steve for his service to our community and his continued dedication to help keep Foster City the slice of paradise we all love!

This coming November, not only will we be electing three Council Members; we will be electing two members of the San Mateo Foster City School Board. The current School Board, at their last meeting, voted 5-0 to place another ballot measure in November for $148 million concerning how to deal with overcrowding in our schools. As the election gets nearer, a lot of material will come out on this issue – pro and con with regard to how we all deal with overcrowding. I ask that you take the time to research this ballot measure carefully, along with all measures, as education is a vital issue for our community's future.

Eau De Foster City. A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to tour the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) we share with San Mateo. Jeff Moneda, director of Public Works for Foster City, along with a few other staff members hosted this up close and personal tour. The tour was an eye opener (and, well, sinus clearer) because I learned quite a bit about the process of treating waste water from the time it enters the plant to when it gets discharged into the bay. The entire process takes about 8 hours or so. The current plant, built back in the 30's, is in dire need of replacement. Thus, we in Foster City and San Mateo will be taking on the project of building a new WWTP over the next 5 years. Technology has changed so much that the new plant will be more ecologically friendly and entertains the possibility, overtime, to provide a way to use the treated water for landscaping and more.

Stop and Smell the Roses. For the past 34 years (and counting!), I have gone to work in San Francisco. Monday through Friday; rain or shine. Clients I have worked with – many of whom live all over the world - tell me how lucky I am to be working in such a great city! To tell you the truth, working in San Francisco is different than visiting San Francisco and playing tourist. I take for granted when I walk up Market Street and see all the people, or when I cross California Street and watch the cable cars go up and down, while tourists take photos of themselves and the sites! When Chris and I drive along Interstate 80 through Oakland and Berkeley, we admire the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. So many people travel far and wide to see it up close, and we have it in our own backyard. However, do we walk on it or ride our bike? Nope, because we just assume it's always there for us to enjoy. Well, friends, that is the wrong thinking! Go and explore! Why am I saying this, you ask? A week ago on Sunday, some friends and I took their boat out for a "spin" on the lagoon in Foster City. We explored almost every area of the water system we could, but what I found amazing is how beautiful our city looks from the water – a real jewel in our crown, and a vantage point not experienced by many. I know those of you who are fortunate enough to live on the water and have a boat are able to take advantage of the lagoon. But for those who do not, you can rent a boat and see the "other" Foster City - which is, in my opinion, a very fun activity to do!

Support the Arts. Before Hillbarn Theatre kicks off their exciting 75th Anniversary Season later this month, they are hosting a FREE CONCERT – "An Orchestral Journey" from 6:00 – 8:00pm on August 21st at Leo Ryan Park. Be sure to go enjoy some of the Bay Area's finest musicians and performers dazzle you with an incredible evening of music. And, did I mention it's FREE?

In Case of Emergency. On July 27th, the City Council held a special session to receive a report from FEMA on Coastal Flood Hazard Study and Levee Protection Planning for Foster City! City staff was looking for policy direction to prepare a staff report for City Council to vote on how best to protect our city from rising sea level and the 100+ year storm! Three options were presented, and we all agreed to recommend the Hybrid Construction using Sheet Piles and Earthen Backfill Alternative at a cost of approximately $35-$65 million. Over the next few months, staff will put together their report along with the consultants' suggestions on how best to design a wall that not only holds back water, but one that aesthetically works with Foster City as well. Our city's website has a FAQ sheet that will help to keep you informed and answer questions as the process continues!

Hall of Famers. Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 22nd. At 10:00am, Sea Cloud Park will be the location where Lee Hammer and Rick Kelly are to be inducted into the Foster City Sports Hall of Fame. Both gentlemen are being recognized by members of the Foster City youth sports community for their contribution and outstanding work with our youth sports' programs.

If you wish to comment or share your thoughts, please contact me at or 650-286-3505.

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August 19, 2015
Your Man Around Town!

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