In The Year 2025...
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In The Year 2025...

Once again, I start off my Council Corner with lyrics to a song - this time from July, 1969 (45 years ago!) - just a few years short of when Foster City became a city (1971). Why are Zager & Evans using 2525 and what could they possibly be saying? Funny you should ask!

T. Jack Foster had a vision back in the late 60's when he and his family decided to purchase the land we call home. His vision was to build a planned community – full of schools, homes and business to support those who chose to live here. Some 40 plus years later, we indeed have homes, schools and businesses that support us. So I guess his vision, and ours, is complete!

Or is it?

In the year 2021, Foster City will have a BIG PARTY in celebration of its 50th birthday. When I chose to run for City Council, one of my campaign messages was, "to have a strong vision of how Foster City should be positioning itself for the future." So, when we met in January as a group – City Council and Senior Staff – to kick-off our policy calendar, we were all asked to think about how our city would look in 2021. Not an easy task. I had to clear my mind of short term thinking and now think long range and how the decisions we make today will impact the future of Foster City for many years to come.

This is something we ask ALL of you to really take to heart and think about when it comes to new ideas and plans for how to improve our community. Every one of us has a vested interest in making Foster City the gold standard of communities in the Bay Area. I try to apply big picture thinking – not just what sounds like a good idea for the short-term - and what has helped me with this is our Economic Development Strategic Plan (EDSP) that was adopted by the City Council on February 10, 2014. The forward–looking Vision Statement reads: "By 2021, the City of Foster City is recognized as the best "suburban urban" experience on the San Francisco Peninsula and the most desirable place in which to locate and conduct business."

We know this well, but cannot just be content with what is and stop looking forward. Just look around us - Sea Cloud Park, Metro Center, Foster Square (when it's completed) and more…So many exciting developments that will better our city for generations to come.

A few weeks back, we held a special meeting on two new projects – Charter Square and Foster City Marina. Both projects brought out many residents who had strong opinions to share, and I added my own two cents at the end of each presentation with the same message – KEEP LOOKING FORWARD!

I urge you and my fellow council members to consider not just quick "fixes" or short-term goals, but our long-term future when making decisions regarding what's on the horizon for Foster City. T. Jack Foster did and I will too.

Our challenge as residents, stake holders and staff is to acknowledge and learn from the past, enjoy the present and plan for future so that Foster City remains the place to LIVE, WORK and PLAY. Let's do it together.

Council Corner

May 21, 2014
In The Year 2025...

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