Council Corner- Your man around town!
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Council Corner- Your man around town!
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.
Brown paper packages tied up with strings.
These are a few of my favorite things.

And cake. Cake is one of my favorite things too…


This Council Corner edition represents my third year of wishing all of Foster City a very happy and healthy New Year. I couldn’t be more honored.

GAME PLAN FOR 2016. As we begin a new year, my fellow council members and I are energized and excited to continue bringing to life – with your input - our collaborative vision for Foster City over the next several years. I know that for me, looking at transportation, communication and public works are just a few of my favorite things to focus on in 2016. To cultivate this, I was once again appointed to serve on the League of California Cities’ Policy Committee for Transportation, Communication and Public Works. I will report at council meetings as well as in these Council Corner updates about all that is going on.

RAIN DROPS KEEP FALLING ON MY HEAD. We were fortunate to have some rainy days in December! Hopefully, this trend will continue and there will be many more beautifully raining days still to come over the next several months – the drought is NOT over. Please continue to conserve! I’m sure my fellow council members join me in congratulating you and our city staff for doing a great job in reducing water use. My hat’s off to us all.

WELL WISHES. At our December 21st council meeting, we said goodbye to a long-serving friend in the police force, Captain Frank Derris, who after 25 years is retiring. Frank, our city is grateful for your long and dedicated service to our community. Frank and I attended the 2013 Leadership Program offered by San Mateo, Foster City and Burlingame. It gave me a chance to know Frank as a person and family man. Best of luck to you and your family, Frank.

ROLLING UP OUR SLEEVES. I am excited to work with our two newest members on the City Council, Sam Hindi and Catherine Mahanpour, and of course to continue working with Herb Perez and Charlie Bronitsky. We have much work to be done!

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS. As we usher in 2016 and make our usual resolutions about actually USING that gym membership, eating less junk food, and starting a new hobby, let us also use this opportunity as a reminder to spend more time with our loved ones, show kindness to strangers, and be generous with those less fortunate. Think long and hard about sticking to these resolutions and making them a few of YOUR favorite things in the new year.

If you wish to comment or share your thoughts, please contact me at or 650-286-3505.

Council Corner

January 06, 2016
Your Man Around Town!

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