Confusing and Deceiving Words
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Confusing and Deceiving Words
Redirected, balance, unprecedented, flexibility, funding, local revenue, budgetary savings, ....and my personal favorite: temporarily redirected!!!

As you might have guessed I’m attempting to make sense of the official voter information guide. After reading the quick reference in the front I am totally confused.

I quote part of the summary for 1b "Fiscal impact: potential state savings of up to several billion dollars in 2009-10 and 2010-11. Potential state costs of billions of dollars annually thereafter". Was there a windfall of cash expected in 2012???

My son works in special education and so many of these propositions affect his ability to teach and his ability to make a difference......when will this Country understand that education should be our number one concern since we have fallen so far behind other countries much less other states.

In my mind just about all the pros and cons convince me to vote their way. It has been recommended by people I know that it will be a much worse problem for our legislators if we don't say yes to all the propositions. Well, maybe then they will sit up and take notice of the direction our State is going in and do a course correction.

We voted for our legislators locally but my problem is why they are asking my opinion to help them out of their mess and to make their decisions for them. When things don't work out then guess who will get the blame.....I can hear it now.....“Well, you voted for it". Our legislature is asking me to do their job. Isn't this why we voted for these intelligent, independent-thinking, representatives of us??? I feel they have abdicated their responsibility and now want us to help with decisions that should have been made based on the information at their disposal in Sacramento.

We just voted ourselves a raise here in Foster City ($24 a month) because it has been many years since we have had one. We did it because we respect each other, our staff and our residents and because quite frankly we do a damn good job. When a tough decision comes to us we don't send it out to our residents to make the decisions for us.

Of course we ask their opinion and make decisions according to the information usually only available to us, with thorough staff reports written only after hours of research and work at a staff level, and with the ability to make conscious decisions in the best interest of the residents of our City. Sometimes it is not easy and you disappoint people but I was elected to make tough decisions in the best interest of my community.

For the most part our residents do their homework when voting for Council members and therefore insure their City and their assets remain strong. If we are not happy with a candidate, don't vote for them. Get involved and informed about who you have the opportunity to vote for.

Today I received an email that now the new State budget reflects a $2 billion dollar ask from local government to help balance the budget. We'll see if that sneaks in!! The staff at the League of California Cities is ramping up opposition. Also, can I also ask why we are one of three states that needs a 2/3 vote to pass a budget???

The best part of being in local government is that it is non partisan......I absolutely believe that nothing will change in Sacramento until the parties are not able to blackball legislators for voting against their party. We have all heard how you come to work on Monday after that happens to find your office is in the basement or across the street. Now that I have friendships in Sacramento it has been confirmed that that is not folklore.

What exactly are we paying 120 legislators in Sacramento to do except take responsibility and make decisions without whimpering about the economy. Yes, the economy has hurt our budget but let's be honest. We would be in this predicament anyway. It didn't happen over the last 12 months.

I'm not trying to make light of a very serious issue facing all of us but I really don't get it! If someone would like to give me "the day in the life of a state legislator" to convince me they are representing me......I'm available for the tour!!!

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May 13, 2009
Confusing and Deceiving Words

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