Behave Like an Animal
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Behave Like an Animal
I was reminded recently that the animal kingdom has the democracy and cooperation far lacking from the human being world!!!

You just need to sit in your yard and watch the birds eat just what they need to survive. Watch the flight of birds…..they continue to make a decision to cooperate and vote with their wings with the others as their direction changes constantly. Watch the trees absorb the water they need. Democracy is played out every day through the realness of nature. They take what they need to survive. The lion kills one gazelle when he needs to eat…..he doesn’t hoard. We as a society celebrate the competition of elections instead of valuing cooperation which has real value. Our country wants to dominate……how is that working for us???

I just returned from the Redwood City Chamber of Commerce Progress Seminar held in Monterey. It was a full day of break-out sessions, where we heard panels on Mass Media/Disaster Preparedness, Economic Development, Education, among others and a Sit Down with our local elected officials who were Jerry Hill, Joe Simitian and Rich Gordon. These men know the issues; however, to implement change they must not be separated from others on the other side of the aisle because there is absolutely no way we can implement changes without the cooperation of both parties. I cannot say all but I’m going to say most stand behind that line with their egos in hand and their fundraising dollars in the other hand as they will not agree on what is such obvious ways to fix the budget. If they want to be elected again they must abstain from voting on some issues so when the time comes to get endorsements they can always say……..I didn’t vote AGAINST it. It takes guts and I sure wish someone would start the parade and let the chips fall…….I certainly would respect that person.

Seems like years ago politicians got in and got out, didn’t make a career going from one office to another. Now the career politicians in Washington especially know their pension and benefits will make them very very comfortable when they finally get out. I don’t begrudge being paid a fair wage but sure wish they were being paid by the social security system I am getting my retirement from…….if they did, social security would be in great shape in a month!!! I miss Jackie Speier who to me had the guts to stand up to the prison unions and lost the attorney general race because of their political clout. At least she had the guts to question their system.

I sure like the non-partisan races at the local level……I wasn’t beholden to anyone. At the city level we can get things accomplished without lobbyists and endorsers getting involved. That is why the theme last weekend was about working together as a county which I totally agree with. We are all in this together and we cannot individually fix what is so tragically broken. We have 20 cities, 24 school districts and 50 special districts in our county……enough said!!! That is why the RWC Chamber getting us all together is so great, where we can meet other elected officials, business people, city managers and those that just want to be part of the solution.

I think Foster City is on the cutting edge of cooperation with others. We are sharing fire chiefs with San Mateo and in my opinion the only reason this works is that fire chief is Dan Belville…..a man without an ego. He doesn’t try to dominate, he cooperates. He doesn’t need the recognition and accolades many folks do, he just steps in and gets the job done.

Another is Carole Groom, our district county supervisor. Carole spoke at the luncheon Saturday with some good news and bad about our county but what I see is a another person without an ego who has stepped in to mediate between cities who cannot play well together in the sandbox!!! It shows that she is working with all the cities in this county to be flexible, reasonable and how to cooperate for the common good of all of us.

I don’t have a lot of pull at the state level but am attending Legislative Day in Sacramento next month in an attempt to let our needs be known. A few of my colleagues and I already have a sit down with Leland Yee and hope to meet with others. I will give them a few thoughts!!!

The basis of nature is cooperation and democracy…….it is our choice to live the way we do.

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April 27, 2011

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