Another This and That Column
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Another This and That Column
I wanted to give some updates on items I’ve talked about these last few months and some new items.

Happy to report that after my column on the squirrel “issue” folks have understood the need and importance of solving the problem now.

I’m hoping the soccer players are okay with the latest decision to give them two weekday evenings for drop in play at Edgewater. Those details are being worked out and thanks to Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Miller and his staff for really going the extra mile to find them some area to play on.

It becomes more and more clear to me that unless an issue affects you personally we just don’t hear much about it. For example, the synchronizing of our traffic signals is a major issue for Councilmembers Rick Wykoff and Art Kiesel. Mainly because they travel on the end of town that is most affected.

I agree we need to bring someone in to look at this problem but I wouldn’t have brought it to the attention of the council because I’m not on Foster City Boulevard to get out of town. It is good for our residents to have our council members spread around town…….since sometimes we are the eyes and ears to such problems.

Kudos to San Mateo for getting Third Avenue repaved. I have heard many comments about the efficiency and quickness that this was accomplished. Thanks to San Mateo Mayor Carole Groom and her “team” for making it a more comfortable and a safer ride.

Hopefully those who are reading this column and live in Foster City have received and READ the letter we sent to our residents regarding the levee and the issues we are facing regarding flood insurance. You have my promise and the promise of all on our Council and our staff that we are diligently and proactively working with San Mateo to rectify this issue. I know this probably doesn’t mean much to those that don’t “trust” any politicians but when I say trust us on this you have my word that those words actually mean something.

I had a medical problem lately that led my wonderful internist, Dr. Richard Jordan, to introduce to me to an incredibly kind and compassionate human being. His name is Dr. George Shorago. I found his manner and sincere concern refreshing in these days of hurried and impersonal service. THEN to find out he has been a resident of Foster City for 38 years made him even more endearing.

I promised him we would continue having our Summer Concert Series and it seems he doesn’t have any complaints. Imagine that a resident who is happy with the job our City is doing…..yea!!! It makes me smile to find residents who are content and happy with where they live. Although I think a man like Dr. Shorago would probably be happy wherever he is. I can also see why Dr. Jordan and Dr. Shorago have a mutual admiration society because they recognize themselves in each other.

In my recent walk on the levee where there are houses facing it, the Port Royal area, I saw some really beautiful landscaping with the gardens bright with roses and flowers. While some properties were eerily vacant, others were delightful to look at and walk by. They sure make my walk more pleasant. Thanks to those who take such pride in their property. Also on that hot morning I watched a skier gliding through the water so beautifully fondly reminding me of summers at Higgins Lake in Michigan.

Hope you have the time to enjoy our levee system because it is pretty much in each of our backyards or easy enough to get to. Hopefully with the passage of Measure O we can keep our paths and parks as beautiful and lush as they are now.

As you can imagine it takes a lot of work to keep them as pristine as they are and our Parks and Recreation crew are “at the top of their game”. Thank you to Nancy Gordon, who keeps those roses in bloom at the Recreation Center, and the crew “Parks West” from our Parks and Recreation Department, who keeps those in front of City Hall breathtakingly beautiful. I cannot believe anyone could walk by these flowers and not appreciate the beauty and take the time to smell them!!!

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to email me at

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May 28, 2008
Another This and That Column

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