A Year of Re-Inventing Myself
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A Year of Re-Inventing Myself
As we enter into 2006, I cannot help thinking about how our lives change in one year.

I tried to imagine myself in the role of councilwoman one year ago but kept getting stuck with the word….politician. I’m still pretty sure that word doesn’t describe me but possibly another word…..advocate…..is closer to what I imagine myself to be….an advocate for the people of Foster City.

A few months into campaigning I received a letter from a Russian woman, Nina Hanna. She had my brochure and noticed our lives were similar. She was also widowed and felt a kinship to me. I called and we chatted but due to her traveling, we decided to wait until after the election to get together and talk in person. I, however, did send her an invitation to the swearing in ceremony.

As I walked through the parking lot December 5th for the swearing in, a woman approached me with a bouquet of flowers and introduced herself as Nina. What a lovely gesture, and lovely woman….. I knew my life was on the right track.

December 5th was an emotional night for me. My friends, supporters and family were there. My neighbors next door Jose and Mercy Dominguez whom I’ve known the longest, 29 years, were in attendance and so was my newest friend, Nina.

I have a lot to learn regarding how our City is run day to day and I have great teachers. Next month I will start meeting with every Director and Manager so I can begin to understand the importance of every aspect of our beautiful City. The staff has given me a warm welcome and I am appreciative of their patience.

This is my purpose…..to be here for the people of Foster City. I will listen and do the best I can possibly do to help you with your issues, concerns and ideas of how to make our City the best we can be. I can be reached at (650) 286-3505 or at pfresella@fostercity.org and I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for giving me this chance to be an advocate for you.

Council Corner

January 03, 2006
A Year of Re-Inventing Myself

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