A World Gone Mad!!!
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A World Gone Mad!!!

Our country and our little community in Foster City are going through a very precarious time…….folks are on edge, anxious, frustrated, untrusting and just angry. I think they are angry with the government, (not their local government of course) but the real mess our state and federal government have laid at our feet here at the local level.

The feelings I see of distrust take all shapes and forms. I see some selfish behavior more now than ever since it seems people are trying to “protect their own”. Their own may be material things but I think people are very protective of their family. This is quite honestly a good thing but with all those out of work and looking to feed their family, stay in their homes and provide for their children, it makes for some anxious situations.

As a council member I try very hard to be part of decisions that are made to provide our residents with a quality of life that meets their expectations and desires. We have done a good job in this city and I think our residents would for the most part agree. Your neighbor may not “appear” to have problems.

What I’m going to explain next might shock of few of you though……last weekend we had an incident at our dog park that has our police officers and city officials shaking their heads. There was a 69 year old female that reacted to something done to, perceived by or whatever really happened, by scratching and biting another human being, a 37 year old male. It’s hard to imagine how this kind of behavior could be justified. This comes on the heels of another incident at the park that again involved the owners more than the dogs. You will be happy to know that a sub-committee is being formed through our Park and Recreation Committee to look further into these incidents and how dog park users can possibly “police” themselves or invoke other restrictions to those that have the privilege to use our park.

What it says to me though is that we have lost touch with our fellow human beings. It seems a dog park would be a place to relax, unwind and watch your dog happily playing. Instead this unfortunate incident happens. I do not know the circumstances of these people’s lives or what actually happened but it saddens me that it did happen. I am not so naive as to think everyone is always going to play nice in the sandbox but we really need to take a collective breath and look at the person next to us with some compassion.

When a salesclerk is a little nasty or just say not too helpful to you, please take a second to think of what could be happening in his or her other life……her husband or his wife may have just lost a job, an illness in the family or whatever it might be. Can we all try to be a little more mindful of what is happening in the lives of those we don’t know? In fact those we do know probably have “stuff” they don’t share but try to put on a happy face. Be there for each other even before you determine if they are worthy.

That is your lesson for today folks…….be mindful of others. Buy the person behind you at the grocery store their items just once as it brings a high you cannot imagine. How about the kid at Target who is buying a toy with their own money and you step in to pay for it or make up the amount that he is short? Hopefully a lesson in gratitude will be learned and the impression they receive about this life of ours will be impacted significantly. A random act of kindness monthly should be mandatory!!!

And maybe, just maybe, let someone in when they are trying to merge onto the freeway……they will in turn let someone else in. If you speed up, they will do the same to the next guy and bad vibes continue.

This is the only time we are all in “this” sandbox together and whether our paths cross in this lifetime or not, please try to respect that other people might be hurting too!!! Their opinion does have merit as well.

Comments about my Pollyanna attitude may be sent to pfrisella@fostercity.org.

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August 25, 2010
A World Gone Mad!!!

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