A Visual
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A Visual
Foster City is a visual City…….we could really call it a “vision” when you enter our city limits because the overall feel is one of calm and peacefulness. That invisible sign that says “welcome home”.

As we continue on our quest of balancing our budget by 2013-14 we are faced with challenges that are seen as we drive around our city and some that cannot be seen like when you see the faces of those that face losing their jobs. In my capacity as a council member I see all of the effects of our cost saving measures. It is painful for all involved.

Very difficult is the task of saying yes to environmental issues and no to our senior transportation issues. One thing I know for sure though is that my passion is to continue to have that visual.

I attended a retreat for our parks and recreation department last week and again saw firsthand why we can seek every drop of energy and talent from the men and women that comprise that department. Their leader, Kevin Miller, builds such strong commitment, dedication and willingness to do your best. If a meeting with a resident goes over their scheduled work day, every single person is willing to stay a few more minutes until the problem is solved. They are not clock watchers……they are the “keepers” of our most cherished possession which is our parks. They are reminded every day by their leader and each other to play like a champion and strive for excellence. By all accounts they are doing both!!! Several members of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee were also present, that support is critical.

The Lions Club and Rotary Club hosted their 6th annual bingo and spaghetti feed. There is no other event that represents community than that one as I looked at the crowd and saw so many familiar faces. The leaders that have gotten us to where we are today as a city and those potential leaders that will lead us into the next 20 years. I believe it is the responsibility of those leaving positions in our city to start inspiring those that will take our place one day.

We raised approximately $6,000 that will be split between the police and fire departments. Police will use it to continue our GREAT (Gang Resistance Education and Training) provided to students at Bowditch so they will not follow that path. The fire department will use it toward their CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) which teaches skills to our residents to use in a disaster. YOU should sign up for it you haven’t already on our website at www.fostercity.org.

Another Lion note…….city council tasked them with finding a way to charge for parking during the 4th of July celebration to offset the costs since our city was looking at discontinuing the evening activities. They presented a good plan to do just that and have saved the fireworks for this year. This is yet another example of stepping up to the plate in these financially difficult times. City programs need your help these days so programs can become self sustaining. We will be looking to much more corporate involvement and the chamber of commerce is on board with unlimited support. Fundraising is a vital component to the success of all activities.

We will be sending out RFQ’s (Request for Qualifications) to potential developers for the 15 acres. This is another area where, because of the economy, we need to possibly “tweak” our vision. We have many potential areas for the growths of our revenues which of course will make balancing the budget seem not as bleak.

I truly believe the wheels are in motion with every department keeping a close eye on ways of getting jobs done with less. That is what we asked them to do. We have a plan over the next three or even four years that I am confidant will allow us to reach our goal. Collaboration and cooperation has been what makes your city staff and your city staff cohesive and able to come up with viable solutions and reasonable decisions that I feel are in the best interest of the majority of our residents.

Report card for you on Recology………A+ for amount you are recycling, B for your patience when they pick up late, C for composting which I find inconvenient but have found compostable liners for those compost buckets that can be easily emptied in the green bin (remember regular plastic bags MUST still go in the black bin), D for the amount of residents that don’t know the distance of 24”. You MUST keep them that far apart so the mechanical arm can grab and empty it. That is the main reason they pick up late. F….there are no F’s…..most of us really do read the material that came with the bins!!! The change in service has been a challenge for most of us however we are complying early with regulations regarding garbage and recycling to answer mandates coming from the state in the future.

Please email me any comments on this and other issues at pfrisella@fostercity.org.

Council Corner

February 16, 2011
A Visual

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