A True Community Effort
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A True Community Effort
I am proud to say I am a member of the Rotary Club of
Foster City. I am also proud to say I participated in a joint community event with Rotary and the Lions Club to raise money for our Fire and Police Departments. It was our “First Annual Spaghetti Feed” and it was very successful.

The initial report is that we raised approximately $5,000. The Fire Department will donate a defibrillator to City Hall and the Police Department will purchase community outreach material to help educate our youth about drugs, etc. Funds may also be used to purchase the popular officer trading cards.

Of course, when you have two groups of dedicated volunteers and community leaders working side by side you can’t miss. What a great experience to see folks come together for a common goal…..to raise money to help our City.

The two chairs, Carolyn Cox from Lions and Larry Lowenthal from Rotary did a great job organizing and balancing the two clubs in our efforts. They also brought in the Rotary Interact Club, youth earning points toward their annual trip to Mexico where they reconstruct donated playgrounds.

Also with the Lions Leo’s Club, student volunteers from Hillsdale High School. They volunteered to help set up and serve the hungry group of over 200 supporters.

Foster City is the epitome of community and I saw that first hand through the laughter and camaraderie as residents came together in support of our City.

I forgot how fun Bingo was and in my excitement forgot how to play the game as I yelled “Bingo” but was told quickly it was a false alarm!!! I slinked back to my seat and tried to pay more attention…….Art Kiesel and Larry Shaw made sure I did!!!

I’m looking forward to our Second Annual Spaghetti Feed next year as I watch our City continue to lead the way by example. This year we will all have the opportunity to lead the way by contributing ideas to our leaders as we move forward in developing those last 15 acres of land.

It is your input that will direct us and guide us so please be involved and let me hear from you. We are all “in this” together and I care about you and what you think……you have elected me and I want to represent you so your voice is heard.

I can be reached at p.frisella@comcast.net or 650-349-7516.

Council Corner

February 08, 2006
A True Community Effort

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