A Time to Remember Our Own
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A Time to Remember Our Own

I recently attended a reunion of the 1969 Met wives in Dallas, Texas. Turns out 19 out of the 25 of them are now divorced and the reunion only had the second or third wife!!! Nolan Ryan’s wife Ruth (the first and only) had the idea to get the original cast together which was great fun with many memories and good times to remember.

However, not long after my arrival and eventual tour of places Ruth planned for us to visit, I was impressed with how many monuments, statues and walls were erected to remember those who served in the military. It struck a real cord for me as I’m always touched when reminded of those who are serving in our armed forces. Dallas truly honors its own.

I would like to propose that Foster City have our own dedicated wall or site that would honor those members of the military who live or lived in Foster City plus those who work or worked for the City of Foster City since I also consider them part of our family.

This summer I was at an event in San Mateo’s Central Park put on by their Fire Department and City. It was honoring those serving and it was where I met a couple of moms whose sons and daughters were in the military. They represented the Pacifica Military Moms, website www.pacificamoms.com. They are part of a nationwide group, bluestarmothers.org. The Pacifica group has several ways we can help our military. Mainly with items like hot drinks, Kool-aid, canned meats, crackers, foot powder and so many other items these folks would love to receive. All are listed on their website. Sounds like a perfect way to make those defending our rights to have a merrier Christmas by putting some items together. More on that later when I start asking for donations to send from the residents of Foster City.

Also, Michelle Obama and Jill Biden are bringing our attention to those families still struggling here at home as their loved ones are stationed overseas…..see more about them at www. joiningforces.gov.

Of course Foster City has a couple of real military heroes in our midst that immediately come to mind. First one is Marland Townsend, former commander of the Kitty Hawk, among other commissions and one of the most fascinating people to talk to EVER!!! Second one is Matt Cline who graduated San Mateo High School in ’86 and by ’89 was serving in the Invasion of Panama, by ’99 with Screaming Eagles and ‘03 in the Iraqi Freedom mission. He had a brilliant 21 year career and is the son of proud parents Donna and John Cline who are long time volunteers in Foster City. Actually this will come out after the fact but Matt will be jumping tandem with a firefighter from 9-11 during the Memorial Service taking place in our nation’s Capital on September 11th. He will be one of the 20 jumpers taking part of the celebration. What an honor for him, I get the chills just writing about it.

Now this is where I need ALL of your help in finding those who served in the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force or Marines that live or lived at one time in Foster City. It is time NOW to recognize these brave men and women and recognize them on an Honor Wall in the vicinity of Leo Ryan Park. Kevin Miller, Parks and Recreation Director, and I met and identified three possible sites. However, I have no idea how many there are of YOU out there and would love if any one reading this would contact me about yourself or someone you know. Hopefully a few of you would like to help pick the perfect location and wall/monument with me. The time line for me would be Memorial Day 2012 to unveil if approved by our City Council.

We have an all day team building meeting in January where I would like to bring this idea to our staff and council. I know our budget is tight but I am confident I can raise funds toward this goal. I would really like to hear from anyone interested in this endeavor.

We all say we know how lucky we are to live in this Country but let us take the time to identify those who have put their lives on the line and on hold to grant us this privilege. The time really is now. I need your help and support to honor those who allow me to live the life I live.

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September 14, 2011
A Time to Remember Our Own

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