A Sensitive Issue
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A Sensitive Issue
After listening to the concerns and ideas for almost five hours at our Town Hall meeting, I realize more than ever how sensitive the issue of having our own high school is.

I have several concerns though…residents have contacted me to say that they are being asked to contribute $100 per family to the high school foundation. One family is a single parent home where the source of their income is minimum wage here in Foster City. This is a hardship and I’m wondering actually where this money is being used and how it could make an impact on the millions of dollars it would take to build a school. This is just one question I have as to the efforts folks are going to in order to construct a school.

I asked a speaker at the July 18 meeting if they would explore another site for their school and he said they were “dead set” on the 15 acre site. Somehow I am left with the impression, at least from him, that education is not the main concern. One year ago as I started campaigning for a seat on the Council, I more than once and in print, said that I would support a Charter School in Foster City in an existing site and would vote to donate money toward any improvements needed to make it compatible to a school site.

My first priority as a representative of the citizens of Foster City is to keep our City safe and maintained. You might think the word “maintain” is a simple one but explore with me the scenario if it is not maintained properly.
If the City Council and staff approved right now to donate land and build and maintain a school I feel we would do a terrible disservice to the majority of folks in Foster City.

When city streets need to be repaired or when the medians and parks start looking shabby we may not be able to “maintain” them through our Public Works or Park and Recreation Departments because of the cutbacks due to lack of funding. Same scenario when activities at the recreation center are lacking. When you dial 911 there will be a much longer response time because we need to cutback police and fire personnel. In turn we will not be able to “maintain” our excellent staff at City Hall for all your needs because there will need to be cut-backs.

Folks…….we are depleting our reserves every year!!!!

I think you get my “drift.” My job is to make sure, to the best of my ability, I keep your services “maintained” throughout our City. They may mean upsetting folks in sensitive topics like the school issue. We need a revenue producing project on the 15 acre site.

I asked several speakers at the Town Hall Meeting who is going to build this school and who is going to maintain this school…my question has not been answered. I’m hoping in time there will be an answer and we can incorporate such a venue as a part of our cultural/educational area of the 15 acres.
Until then I remain committed to keeping our City safe and maintained.

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August 02, 2006
A Sensitive Issue

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