A Reality Check
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A Reality Check

The word is out now that the Mirabella project is off the table at this moment. I am deeply saddened but naively disappointed. I kept hoping against hope that they would find the financing to make this project viable for them but meet our expectations.

I was not willing to forego the retail but keep the much needed senior housing. One of the reasons I supported this venture was because it contained a downtown area that would meet a need our city has had since it was built. So much thought went into planning Foster City. Some of the younger or newer residents might not be aware of this effort because of the redevelopment that has occurred. In the 60's it was believed that each area of town should have its own shopping area that folks could walk to, schools very close, etc. It was why most people chose Foster City to buy their homes and raise their children.

Then of course “big box" stores came in and the concept didn't hold up. People were in their cars and finished most of their shopping when they hit the city limits. Our small shopping areas couldn't compete. Most wouldn't remember we had a Talbots Toy Store and a movie theatre in Edgewater Shopping Center but as we all know, change is inevitable and without it we would not see growth.

I truly believed we had an ideal development on those 15 acres and a brilliant way to receive 2 million dollars a year from the land lease that would satisfy our anticipated 2 million dollar structural deficit expected in two years. I still feel strongly that this land must deliver a steady revenue source when built upon since this is our last piece of land to obtain revenue from.

For me, finding ways to cut back is imperative and is why my colleagues and I have asked staff to do a cost analysis on company cars, shared fire services and many other suggestions. I still am not convinced I'll vote to have our Fourth of July fireworks display in 2011 since that is another $80,000 in staff, overtime and fireworks. We need to get the attention of our residents who sometimes I feel live in denial about our situation. Just because we look beautiful and have a reserve does not mean it will continue indefinitely.

We are a unique and ideal community in many ways but we still have many residents that are hurting behind closed doors and we MUST look at ways to help them, our community and surrounding communities continue to live a healthy and content life during these difficult days. I'm passionate in my love for our city and will do anything and everything I can to keep the health, safety and welfare at the highest level possible. United we must stand!!!!

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Council Corner

April 07, 2010
A Reality Check

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