A Pause to Give Thanks
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A Pause to Give Thanks
By the time you read this, it will be December 1 and we will have finished with Thanksgiving and our initial public study sessions on the Foster City budget. Since you will have heard all of our positions on the budget, I would like to take time out to give thanks.

Foster City is, like every other City in California, having significant financial issues that it must deal with. Despite that, it remains, as I have always called it, Paradise on Earth.

Our City is safe to live in, crime is low, our streets, parks and infrastructure are well maintained and beautiful. We have excellent schools, a beautiful library, wonderful restaurants and shops and generally great amenities. These are all things that I give thanks for.

As happens to many of us, this time of year brings a time for reflection, a time to give thanks and a time to do for others. We buy presents, donate to charities and feel joyful with the holiday season. There are more things that I give thanks for.

Despite all that, this has been a difficult year for many. The economy has shown little signs of recovery, unemployment is still high, housing is still problematic. However, as we often see during this time of year, people come out and help others, others in need, so that we can all enjoy the holiday season.

I think that this year more than others, each of us should try to do just a bit more for those in need than we might have done otherwise. I was thinking about spending a little less on presents and increasing my donations to help feed and house families in need. I am thankful that I can do that, and when the need is greater, I am thankful that there are many who can and will do a little more.

I am also thankful for the opportunity to serve the residents of Foster City on the City Council. I have found in my first year that the people of Foster City are very supportive and appreciative of the work that we do and the difficulty of some of the decisions we must make. I am thankful for each of you, because whether you have agreed or disagreed with me over this past year, you are still a part of what makes Foster City, Paradise on Earth and I thank each of you for that.

Happy holidays. cbronitsky@fostercity.org or (650) 286-3504.

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December 01, 2010
A Pause to Give Thanks

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