A New Year
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A New Year
As I write this on New Year’s Day as your Mayor, I try to imagine what 2008 will hold for me, my family and the City of Foster City.

Personally, today is the 31st anniversary of my husband’s death and while it brings back some sad memories it also reminds me that I am a survivor and that with the support of friends, family and a lot of faith those first few months didn’t break me.

Two months after he died I bought my house here in Foster City and that home became my refuge and my safe place to fall. It still is. The thought of having a home to call my own and to raise my two sons gave me the strength and courage to face many years alone but never lonely.

That is why I am saddened by the thought of those families that will lose their homes this year and with that loss, the loss of hope for many. There are so many reasons why they find themselves in this situation, and in my simplistic way of thinking, I feel that greed was the big motivator for so many of the “players” in this pathetic situation.

My family will be growing this year as I become a grandmother in February and the whole circle of life continues. I’ll be blazing a path between here and Sacramento as soon as I wait for this little surprise to arrive. I know I will need a bigger purse so I can carry those 8x10 glossies to show anyone who will stop long enough to look at them.

Our City is growing as well and the excitement surrounding the Pilgrim Triton project is getting closer to a reality. That project will bring so much needed housing to our City as well as retail. However I have talked to so many folks who have no knowledge of the plans for that area. If you do not you really should look on our website or call me and I’ll direct you to the correct person to get information.

Needless to say, the most exciting is the beginning of the actual visual plans for our 11 acres. I know some folks think we didn’t listen to your input over a developer, but as I said in my mayoral speech we take your comments into consideration and add them to the information only we might have on a subject and make the best decision from that knowledge. Now that we have the business terms complete, you have a chance to contribute again to what it may look like and contain. I really do want to hear your thoughts.

I do wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year and remember……..no day is really over if it makes a memory…… I am blessed to have so many wonderful memories and looking forward to making many more. I wish you the same.

P.S. Thanks to all of you who decorated your house for the holidays because your efforts really made me, and I’m sure many others, smile as we traveled through our City. Enjoyed those on the water as I rode with Bill and Roxie Folsom on New Years Eve as well, you really outdid yourselves.

Please contact me at pfrisella@fostercity.org.

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January 09, 2008
A New Year

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