Council Corner
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Council Corner
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Each week a member of the Foster City City Council publishes an article in local newspapers about issues affecting Foster City. We are pleased to provide this archive of Council Corners written by our Councilmembers.

Date Title Author
02/14/2018    Your Man Around Town! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
02/07/2018    The Foster City Levee - $279/year or $2,500/year - That is the Question by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
01/31/2018    Leaders Lead by Mayor Sam Hindi
01/24/2018    The Emperor Has No Clothes by Councilmember Herb Perez
01/17/2018    Welcome to 2018! by Councilmember Catherine Mahanpour
12/06/2017    Your Man Around Town! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
10/11/2017    Successful Policy in Action by Councilmember Herb Perez
10/04/2017    Community and the City Council in Action by Councilmember Catherine Mahanpour
09/27/2017    Solutions vs. Complaining by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
08/23/2017    Your Man Around Town! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
05/10/2017    Your Man Around Town! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
05/03/2017    The Foster City Levee - Be Careful Who You Listen To by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
04/05/2017    Your Man Around Town! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
02/15/2017    Workforce Housing and Infrastructure by Mayor Sam Hindi
02/01/2017    A Year of Promise for Foster City by Councilmember Catherine Mahanpour
12/28/2016    Time of a Vision by Councilmember Catherine Mahanpour
12/21/2016    Your Man Around Town! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
12/14/2016    Being the Mayor Again – Accessibility and Accountability by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
12/07/2016    A Year of Moving Forward by Mayor Sam Hindi
11/09/2016    That New Housing - So What's In It For Us? by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
10/26/2016    Fool Me Once by Councilmember Herb Perez
10/12/2016    Your Man Around Town! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
10/05/2016    Our Fourth Elementary School? – Please “X”-plain by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
09/07/2016    Your Man Around Town! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
08/24/2016    Economic Development Strategic Plan by Mayor Sam Hindi
08/17/2016    Legacy and Looking Forward by Councilmember Herb Perez
08/03/2016    Celebrate YOUR "Quality of Life" by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
07/20/2016    The Other Half of Our Community by Mayor Sam Hindi
07/13/2016    Engaging for the Future by Councilmember Herb Perez
07/06/2016    Non-Profit Organizations Helping San Mateo County Residents and Businesses by Councilmember Catherine Mahanpour
06/29/2016    Your Man Around Town! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
06/15/2016    Community and Volunteerism by Mayor Sam Hindi
06/01/2016    Senior Activities by Councilmember Catherine Mahanpour
05/25/2016    Your Man Around Town! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
05/11/2016    Your Commute and Public Transit by Mayor Sam Hindi
04/27/2016    Communication is Key by Councilmember Catherine Mahanpour
04/20/2016    Your Man Around Town! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
04/13/2016    Volunteers - Thank You by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
04/06/2016    Airplane Noise and NextGen by Mayor Sam Hindi
03/23/2016    Our Parks and Recreation Department by Councilmember Catherine Mahanpour
03/16/2016    Your Man Around Town! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
03/09/2016    Land Use by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
03/02/2016    An Eye Opening Study Trip by Mayor Sam Hindi
02/17/2016    City Council Mission and Focus Areas by Councilmember Catherine Mahanpour
02/10/2016    Your Man Around Town! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
02/03/2016    The 40-Year Plan - The Reprise by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
01/27/2016    Quality of Life and Space by Mayor Sam Hindi
01/20/2016    Business 101 by Councilmember Herb Perez
01/13/2016    A Winning Team by Councilmember Catherine Mahanpour
01/06/2016    Your Man Around Town! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
12/23/2015    Time to Get to Work by Mayor Sam Hindi
12/16/2015    New Beginnings by Councilmember Herb Perez
12/09/2015    Future Speed Bumps by Mayor Art Kiesel
12/02/2015    Council Corner - Your Man Around Town! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
11/25/2015    The Fourth Quarter - Planning for the Future by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
11/18/2015    Arigato and Sayonara by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
11/04/2015    A Glimpse of a Congested 2040 by Mayor Art Kiesel
10/28/2015    Your Man Around Town! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
10/21/2015    Caring for our Children - Time to be an X-Man by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
10/14/2015    Kudos for Foster City by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
09/30/2015    The Price of a Good Economy by Mayor Art Kiesel
09/23/2015    Your Man Around Town! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
09/16/2015    Foster City - The "Experience" by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
09/09/2015    A Wonderful Opportunity by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
08/26/2015    Another Drought Update by Mayor Art Kiesel
08/19/2015    Your Man Around Town! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
08/12/2015    The 40-Year Plan by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
08/05/2015    What Do We Do About the Drought? by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
07/22/2015    Value of Property Tax Revenue by Mayor Art Kiesel
07/15/2015    Your Man Around Town! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
07/08/2015    The Future by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
07/01/2015    Happy New Year in July! by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
06/17/2015    Future Challenges by Mayor Art Kiesel
06/10/2015    Your Man Around Town! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
06/03/2015    A Million Here, A Million There... by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
05/27/2015    At Last! by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
05/13/2015    Housing vs. Jobs by Mayor Art Kiesel
05/06/2015    Your Man Around Town! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
04/22/2015    WATER WATER EVERYWHERE by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
04/22/2015    A Community Partnership by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
04/08/2015    Economic Eco-System - Part 2 by Mayor Art Kiesel
04/01/2015    The Man Around Town! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
03/25/2015    The American Dream by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
03/18/2015    Green is the New Blue by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
03/04/2015    Economic Eco-System - Part I by Mayor Art Kiesel
02/25/2015    The Man Around Town! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
02/18/2015    Housing and Traffic and Schools, Oh My... by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
02/11/2015    Making The Grade by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
01/28/2015    Spending and Managing
Proposition 1 Funds
by Mayor Art Kiesel
01/28/2015    Spending and Managing Proposition 1 Funds by Mayor Art Kiesel
01/21/2015    The Man Around Town... by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
01/14/2015    A Planned Community - But What's The Plan by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
01/07/2015    Levees, Lagoons, and Canals by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
12/24/2014    What Does The End Of December Mean To You? by Mayor Art Kiesel
12/17/2014    The Man Around Town! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
12/10/2014    Foster City - Housing and Economics - Time for Change by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
11/26/2014    What Can We Expect in 2015? by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
11/19/2014    Drought - Let Us Not Forget by Mayor Art Kiesel
11/12/2014    The Man About Town by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
11/05/2014    It Takes A Team To Be Champions by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
10/29/2014    What's Going on at the 15 Acres? by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
10/08/2014    If You Ask Me... by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
10/01/2014    Change... It's Not Easy by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
09/24/2014    The Only Person Who Can Prepare You Is... YOU! by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
09/10/2014    Proposition 1 - Water Bond by Mayor Art Kiesel
09/03/2014    If You Ask Me... by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
08/27/2014    The Business of Foster City by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
08/20/2014    Conserve to Preserve by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
08/06/2014    Where Did Middle-Class Home Ownership Go? by Mayor Art Kiesel
07/23/2014    Mid-Year 2014- What We Have Accomplished and Where Are We Going by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
07/16/2014    Service, Service, Service by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
07/02/2014    California Water Action Plan by Mayor Art Kiesel
06/25/2014    "We. Are. Fam-il-y." by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
06/18/2014    Educating Our Children, Is There Anything More Important? by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
05/28/2014    Water Supply vs. Demand by Mayor Art Kiesel
05/21/2014    In The Year 2025... by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
05/14/2014    A Government of the People... by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
05/07/2014    Affordable Housing Week: Where do we go from here? by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
04/09/2014    It Takes A Village and Sometimes Two or Three or... by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
04/02/2014    Safe...but not safe enough. by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
03/19/2014    Unfunded Pension Liabilities - The Unspoken by Mayor Art Kiesel
03/12/2014    Shh... Please keep the noise down! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
03/05/2014    Here we go again! by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
02/26/2014    Safe Travel in Foster City –It’s Up To You by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
02/12/2014    Busy City Council Schedule Ahead by Mayor Art Kiesel
02/05/2014    Look Left...Look Right... by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
01/29/2014    Foster City 2.0 by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
01/22/2014    If the water and traffic flows do we need to know more? by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
01/08/2014    Looking Forward to the New Year by Mayor Art Kiesel
01/01/2014    Happy New Year, Foster City! by Vice Mayor Gary Pollard
12/25/2013    Being the Mayor- Accessibility and Accountability by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
12/18/2013    Can You Live Without IT? by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
12/04/2013    What is the Cost of Animal Services? by Mayor Art Kiesel
11/27/2013    Vulnerability by Mayor Pam Frisella
11/20/2013    Economic Development - Outreach by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
11/13/2013    Good Bye and Hello by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
10/30/2013    Are We Truly Being Represented? by Mayor Art Kiesel
10/23/2013    Our Precarious Budget by Mayor Pam Frisella
10/16/2013    Giving Back To Your Community by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
10/09/2013    For All of the Kids, Yes on P by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
09/25/2013    Prison Overcrowding and Realignment by Mayor Art Kiesel
09/18/2013    Freedom of Choice -- Our Inalienable Right...Until it's not!! by Mayor Pam Frisella
09/11/2013    Caring for our Children by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
09/04/2013    No Butts About It! by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
08/07/2013    HOAs and MFDs – We Are Your Champions Too by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
07/31/2013    Parks Make Life Better! by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
07/17/2013    Plan Bay Area – Part 1 by Mayor Art Kiesel
07/10/2013    My Debt to Foster City by Mayor Pam Frisella
07/03/2013    I Will Be The Champion by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
06/26/2013    Why is the Sky Blue? by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
06/12/2013    CalPERS Pension Contributions - Follow-up by Mayor Art Kiesel
06/05/2013    We Cannot Forget by Mayor Pam Frisella
05/29/2013    2013 - The Foster City Economy by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
05/22/2013    More Kudos to our Schools! by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
05/08/2013    CalPERS Pension Contributions by Mayor Art Kiesel
05/01/2013    Hearts are Broken by Mayor Pam Frisella
04/24/2013    The New World Order by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
04/17/2013    Paper or Plastic? Or The Great Pacific Garbage Dump by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
04/03/2013    Welcome to Budget Season by Mayor Art Kiesel
03/27/2013    We Work for....You!! by Mayor Pam Frisella
03/13/2013    Quality of Life (Q of L) by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
02/27/2013    Which Generation Is Going To Pay? by Mayor Art Kiesel
02/20/2013    Desperate Times by Mayor Pam Frisella
02/13/2013    Foster City 2013 and Beyond by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
02/06/2013    Werder Park (Not Pier) by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
01/23/2013    California Budget - Education by Mayor Art Kiesel
01/16/2013    Honoring Our Own by Mayor Pam Frisella
01/02/2013    Location, Location, Education, Revisited by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
12/19/2012    Gift of the Holidays by Mayor Art Kiesel
12/12/2012    Looking Ahead to 2013 by Mayor Pam Frisella
12/05/2012    The Holiday Season - A Time For Giving by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
11/28/2012    Solar Power... Now! by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
11/14/2012    State Senate Representation by Mayor Art Kiesel
11/07/2012    My Vote by Mayor Pam Frisella
10/31/2012    by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
10/31/2012    Franchise Fees - A Tax Loophole? by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
10/24/2012    We're Still In Good Hands by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
10/10/2012    Voting Season by Mayor Art Kiesel
10/03/2012    Our Community Heroes by Mayor Pam Frisella
09/26/2012    Paradigm Shift by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
09/19/2012    An Opportunity Missed by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
09/05/2012    Pension Reform – Part II by Mayor Art Kiesel
08/29/2012    This and That by Mayor Pam Frisella
08/22/2012    Sale of the PJCC Land by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
08/15/2012    What’s the SCORE? by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
08/01/2012    Pension Reform by Mayor Art Kiesel
07/25/2012    “Our Patriotism” by Mayor Pam Frisella
07/18/2012    How Can I Help by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
07/11/2012    Keeping Our Kids Safe! by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
06/27/2012    Election Highlights by Mayor Art Kiesel
06/20/2012    My Decisions by Mayor Pam Frisella
06/13/2012    A Fiscally Conservative Viewpoint by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
06/06/2012    Are We Still In Debt? by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
05/23/2012    Is Anyone Minding The Store? by Mayor Art Kiesel
05/16/2012    Needed: A Woman by Mayor Pam Frisella
05/09/2012    Sustainable Foster City – Our Residents by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
05/07/2012    Quality of Life by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
04/18/2012    Economic Sustainability by Mayor Art Kiesel
04/11/2012    One Clarifying Comment by Mayor Pam Frisella
04/04/2012    Opportunities to Help Your Community by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
03/28/2012    A Renewed Partnership by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
03/14/2012    School Bond /Auditor Selection by Mayor Art Kiesel
03/07/2012    An Apology/Comments by Mayor Pam Frisella
02/29/2012    A Fourth Elementary School by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
02/22/2012    CERT by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
02/08/2012    Winding Down of Redevelopment? by Mayor Art Kiesel
02/01/2012    It's a Wonderful Life (For Some) by Mayor Pam Frisella
01/25/2012    Sustainable Economic Development by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
01/16/2012    The First Thirty Days by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
01/04/2012    New Year’s Resolution? by Mayor Art Kiesel
12/21/2011    Life on the City Council by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
12/14/2011    Many, Many Thanks by Councilmember Steve Okamoto
11/30/2011    What does the Holiday Season Mean to You? by Mayor Art Kiesel
11/23/2011    Two Extraordinary People by Mayor Pam Frisella
11/16/2011    Congratulations, Let's Get To Work by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
10/26/2011    Status of Projects Affecting Foster City by Mayor Art Kiesel
10/19/2011    Hot Topics in Foster City by Mayor Pam Frisella
10/12/2011    The 15-Acres by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
09/21/2011    Measure P - Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) by Mayor Art Kiesel
09/14/2011    A Time to Remember Our Own by Mayor Pam Frisella
09/07/2011    Summer Progress by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
08/17/2011    Summer Concerts and a Tribute by Mayor Art Kiesel
08/10/2011    The Foster City Spirit by Mayor Pam Frisella
08/03/2011    Some Thoughts to Share by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
07/13/2011    The End of Redevelopment? by Mayor Art Kiesel
06/29/2011    Time to Get to Work by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
06/08/2011    How is Foster City Doing? by Mayor Art Kiesel
06/01/2011    Sacramento – A Nice Place To Visit by Mayor Pam Frisella
05/25/2011    Time To Take Control – Let's Get Started by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
05/04/2011    Water Rates vs. Conservation by Mayor Art Kiesel
04/27/2011    BEHAVE LIKE AN ANIMAL by Mayor Pam Frisella
04/20/2011    Budget Deficits, Service Cuts, What's Next by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
03/30/2011    Earthquakes and Preparedness by Mayor Art Kiesel
03/23/2011    To Vote by Mayor Pam Frisella
03/16/2011    Problems and Solutions by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
02/23/2011    Budget Balancing by Mayor Art Kiesel
02/16/2011    A Visual by Mayor Pam Frisella
02/09/2011    Walking the Walk – II by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
01/19/2011    Emergency Communications by Mayor Art Kiesel
01/05/2011    Share the Pain or Assign the Pain by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
12/15/2010    Season of Sharing by Mayor Art Kiesel
12/08/2010    Two Sobering Nights by Mayor Pam Frisella
12/01/2010    A Pause to Give Thanks by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
11/10/2010    Sharing and the Future by Mayor Art Kiesel
11/03/2010    Who Would Have Thought??? by Mayor Pam Frisella
10/27/2010    A Call to Action by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
10/06/2010    Flood Insurance/FEMA and Misinformation by Mayor Art Kiesel
09/29/2010    My Commitment to Foster City by Mayor Pam Frisella
09/22/2010    Walking the Walk – Leaders Need to Lead and They Need Your Support by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
09/01/2010    Citizens’ Questions by Mayor Art Kiesel
08/25/2010    A World Gone Mad!!! by Mayor Pam Frisella
08/18/2010    Walking the Walk, Step Two by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
07/28/2010    Cost Sharing by Mayor Art Kiesel
07/21/2010    "Making tough choices does not build character, it reveals it" by Mayor Pam Frisella
07/14/2010    Walking the Walk by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
06/23/2010    Budget Challenges by Mayor Art Kiesel
06/16/2010    Tough Decisions and Compromises by Mayor Pam Frisella
06/09/2010    Shared Services and the Budget by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
05/19/2010    Estero Municipal Improvement District 50 Years Old by Mayor Art Kiesel
05/12/2010    Earth Day Is Not Over by Mayor Pam Frisella
05/05/2010    We Are In Great Shape, But… by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
04/14/2010    Mirabella - Unfortunate Timing by Mayor Art Kiesel
04/07/2010    A Reality Check by Mayor Pam Frisella
03/31/2010    Being Fiscally Conservative - When Is It Too Much by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
03/23/2010    Our Pride by Mayor Pam Frisella
03/10/2010    State's Effect of Foster City by Mayor Art Kiesel
02/24/2010    The Fourth of July and FCTV - What Do You Think by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
02/03/2010    Sidewalks by Mayor Art Kiesel
01/27/2010    A Tribute Not To Be Forgotten by Mayor Pam Frisella
01/20/2010    The Fight Against Flood Insurance by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
01/06/2010    Thoughts for the New Year by Councilmember Charlie Bronitsky
11/25/2009    Election Process by Mayor Art Kiesel
11/05/2009    The Joys of Campaigning by Mayor Pam Frisella
10/07/2009    School Overcrowding by Mayor Art Kiesel
09/30/2009    To Recuse or not to Recuse by Mayor Pam Frisella
09/03/2009    Redevelopment Update by Mayor Art Kiesel
08/26/2009    Sustainable Foster City by Mayor Pam Frisella
07/29/2009    Flood Insurance FEMA by Mayor Art Kiesel
07/22/2009    Partners by Mayor Pam Frisella
06/24/2009    Air Traffic Control by Mayor Art Kiesel
06/17/2009    Heroes by Mayor Pam Frisella
05/20/2009    The Invisible Heroes by Mayor Art Kiesel
05/13/2009    Confusing and Deceiving Words by Mayor Pam Frisella
04/15/2009    Honoring Our Police and Firefighters by Mayor Art Kiesel
04/08/2009    Desperate Times Sometimes Result in Desperate Behavior by Mayor Pam Frisella
03/26/2009    Are You Prepared for the Unthinkable by Mayor Art Kiesel
03/11/2009    Sustainability and Transportation by Mayor Art Kiesel
03/04/2009    We Must Conserve to Preserve by Mayor Pam Frisella
02/04/2009    Batteries and the Environment by Mayor Art Kiesel
01/28/2009    We ARE Family by Mayor Pam Frisella
12/31/2008    Holiday Spirit by Mayor Art Kiesel
12/24/2008    Reflections by Mayor Pam Frisella
11/26/2008    Development Question-Tall Buildings by Mayor Art Kiesel
11/19/2008    Foster City Cares by Mayor Pam Frisella
10/22/2008    Redevelopment Questions and Answers by Mayor Art Kiesel
10/15/2008    We need to Give to Get by Mayor Pam Frisella
09/17/2008    Got Water Part 2 by Mayor Art Kiesel
09/10/2008    The City's Responsibility by Mayor Pam Frisella
08/13/2008    Got Water by Mayor Art Kiesel
08/06/2008    The Definition of Education by Mayor Pam Frisella
07/16/2008    The Difference a City Makes by Mayor Pam Frisella
07/09/2008    What is the Fourth of July by Mayor Art Kiesel
06/12/2008    Searching for Live Victims by Mayor Art Kiesel
05/28/2008    Another This and That Column by Mayor Pam Frisella
04/30/2008    Pilgrim Triton Redevelopment by Mayor Art Kiesel
04/23/2008    Difficult Decision by Mayor Pam Frisella
03/19/2008    For the Love of the Game by Mayor Pam Frisella
02/20/2008    Are We Taking Things for Granted by Mayor Art Kiesel
01/16/2008    The Changing of our Skyline Part II by Mayor Art Kiesel
01/09/2008    A New Year by Mayor Pam Frisella
12/05/2007    Voices Heard by Mayor Pam Frisella
10/31/2007    Is it Right by Mayor Pam Frisella
08/22/2007    What People Want by Mayor Pam Frisella
07/18/2007    The Joys and Boys of Summer by Mayor Pam Frisella
06/13/2007    The Power of Your Voice by Mayor Pam Frisella
05/09/2007    Strong Women by Mayor Pam Frisella
04/04/2007    A Great Responsibility by Mayor Pam Frisella
02/28/2007    The Long And The Short of It by Mayor Pam Frisella
02/01/2007    Our City and Our Issues by Mayor Pam Frisella
12/20/2006    My Mentor My Friend by Mayor Pam Frisella
09/06/2006    The End of Summer by Mayor Pam Frisella
08/02/2006    A Sensitive Issue by Mayor Pam Frisella
06/28/2006    Cultivating Community and Are You Interested by Mayor Pam Frisella
05/24/2006    Spring has Definitely Sprung by Mayor Pam Frisella
04/19/2006    Our Neighborhoods Our Values by Mayor Pam Frisella
03/15/2006    Influences by Mayor Pam Frisella
02/08/2006    A True Community Effort by Mayor Pam Frisella
01/03/2006    A Year of Re-Inventing Myself by Mayor Pam Frisella

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