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Foster City TV

Foster City Television on Comcast 27 & AT&T 99


Foster City Television (FCTV) is Foster City's Government Access Cable Television Channel, providing local information to Foster City since 1986.  FCTV can be found on Comcast Channel 27, AT&T Channel 99 or streaming at the FCTV website. 

Foster City TV's mission is to serve the people of Foster City by providing accurate and current information about policies, services, and activities of the City government and local events.
We take advantage of the visual media of television and online video to make public information engaging, stimulating, and readily accessible to the Foster City Community.
Program Schedule

FCTV Program Schedule

When do programs air on Foster City TV?

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Order DVD Copies

Order DVD Copies

DVD copies of FCTV Original Programs and City Meetings are available for purchase. Fill out an order form here.

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About FCTV

About FCTV

FAQs, History, and other Information on FCTV.

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