Election Candidate Statements
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Election Candidate Statements

Every candidate has the option of submitting a candidate statement. The statement is limited to 200 words or (400) that describe a candidate's qualifications for office.  Candidate statements must be filed in the office of the elections official when the candidate's nomination papers are returned for filing. Statutory guidelines stated in Elections Code 13307 as well as County guidelines ensure uniformity of all candidate statements.



CHARLIE BRONITSKY                      Age: 55

Occupation: Incumbent/ Real Estate Attorney

I have served on our City Council for the past four years, and I am currently Vice-Mayor. I am running for re-election to continue the work I began four years ago.

During my tenure on the City Council we have gone from a structural budget deficit of $5 million to a balanced budget without significant cuts in services or tax increases. I have maintained a fiscally conservative approach to spending and revenue generation. I worked to bring new sustainability programs that allowed for significant savings and promoted redevelopment consistent with the existing lifestyle of the Foster City community.

During my tenure I pushed for and now have successfully won the passage of Foster City's first economic development plan. I have worked hard to improve the City's relationship with our local schools and businesses, to improve quality of life for all.

There is still much left to do to put Foster City on the best path for its future and so I am asking for your support and vote so that we can continue to make Foster City a great place to live, work and play.

/s/ Charlie Bronitsky

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GARY POLLARD                              Age: 52

Occupation:Businessman/Community Volunteer

Education and Qualifications: I am a 25-year resident of Foster City and have been involved for much of that time in various aspects of Foster City government as well as community organizations throughout the Peninsula. I believe I am qualified to be part of the City Council because I have a proven track record of building the coalitions necessary to make concrete things happen based on a shared vision. I served for six years on the Foster City Parks and Recreation Committee during a time that saw the rebuilding of Sea Cloud and Port Royal Parks. I also served on the SCORE Committee as we investigated the overcrowding of Foster City's schools and made recommendations for dealing with the Bowditch Middle School site.

I am very interested in our parks, schools (education), our retail and housing base, and our financial stability. I have also run my family business for more than 18 years. My wife and I have lived in Foster City since 1988 and have two sons who also live in the community.

Please support me.
garypollard4fostercitycouncil@gmail.com or

/s/ Gary Pollard

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